Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I finally went to the dentist for a cleaning.  Yes, I know I am married to a dental student, so I should probably be better about this, but....I'm not.  It's been like 2 years (yikes!)!  They did quite a bit of scraping and polishing, told me to floss (I already knew this was coming) and sent me on my way with a new toothbrush I'll probably never use because we have a wonderful OralB one.  According to the hygienist, I have beautiful teeth and the dentist found no problems! Yay! James was so proud! Unfortunately, my gums are still a bit sore from all that prodding! 

Anyway, I thought I would post a few more pictures from last weekend.  We had a quick photo shoot on Sunday before jumping the car to head home:

My BFF Loa

With my awesome sister...

Uncle Joey and Aunt Jen...almost!

Our family (31 weeks pregnant)!  Is it possible to take a normal picture?? :)

a little better:)
I'm not really sure what's on today's agenda.  To be honest, I'm still in my pjs! I haven't been this lazy in awhile, but it feels great:)  J is at home today since he doesn't have class, but is going to spend the day studying because he has a big test coming up! Boo.  So, I'm sure I'll find something to get myself into....

Happy Friday!



  1. Hi Beck- you could make the last picture an advertisement for Southeastern Alarms- hahaha!! Love all the pics- that camera is amazing!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog!!!! Just though you should know.