Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a few home projects and a busy day!

What a busy day! 

I woke up around 7 so that I could see hubby before he left for school.  He ran down to catch the bus and realized that he didn't have his school ID, which means he couldn't ride for free! He also didn't have any cash.  Sooooo, back home he came and I slipped on some jeans and drove him to class.  Then I headed straight to the grocery store (crazy bed head and all) to get the ingredients to make lasagna and salad for our friends who are in the process of moving.  When I got home I made up the lasagna, washed dishes, flipped laundry, dust mopped, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, and put some things away that were laying around!  Ay!  After that I jumped into the shower, ate a snack, got ready and left to babysit for the same friend who is working on packing up!  I just got back home and am about to make some lunch, relax/read a little (maybe a short nap? I think I deserve it!) and then have another friend and her adorable son over this afternoon:) Fun!  

This week I have also been working hard on some home projects...

First I created a little more of a mail/office area:

AFTER (i still need to put the labels in the letter bin)
 Then I started covering this beauty (it's still a work in progress):

No final picture yet because I still have to cover the top cushion, but it's already looking soooo much better (besides not matching!) What do you think?  Well off to eat!



  1. whew, I'm tired just reading about your day :) so productive... and the chair is looking so good! wish i could lounge around with you and work on projects all day, all the time!!! I loveeeeeee you, alot. tell your boys I say hello!

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  3. I'll try that one more time- love the chair and the new office area- great job. As usual- this is Mom not Jami!

  4. Looking good girl! Want to come help me out? Love you! - Jen