Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday, I briefly told you that I had J take down the fan blades so that I could thoroughly clean them. My friend, Beth, commented on how I was inspiring her with my cleaning and I thought I better make a quick confession.  Awhile ago (before I was 8 months pregnant) I tried to do the easier "stand on a chair and wipe" method, but the dust was SO caked on that I could not get it off.  And because I had loosened some of it, we could no longer use the fan because dust would fly off the moment we turned it on. GROSS!

So, the only way I could get all of the dust off was to take the blades down to clean them!  I took a quick before and after picture to show you how bad it really was...

The nastiest part is that these fan blades are from the guest room/ nursery and they were even less disgusting than the dining room ones!  Phew.  Let me just say that I am glad that this is done! Now I just have to get the handyman to put them back up...



  1. good job on the fan blades- want to do mine next time you are home??? hahaha!

  2. This just makes me dream, as a landlord, what these apartments might look like if people really took care of them year after year like you do! I can't even imagine! Good job. :)