Wednesday, February 23, 2011

34.5 weeks!

Week 34 has come and gone, so this picture is at 34.5 weeks. Thomas is hiccuping ALL the time now and moving just as much, if not more.  My ribs and hip bones are constantly getting banged up and I can no longer stretch out enough to prevent it!  According to this website, our little boy is about 5.5 lbs. and 20 inches long, though he may actually be bigger since he was measuring a week ahead at my last ultrasound!  He's still gaining about a half a pound each week:)
This might be the last week i can wear this shirt!

My sweet, crazy photographer

Tonight, we are heading to tour the maternity ward at our hospital, so that we know exactly what to expect when we go for the big day- although I kind of already know. Hopefully, I won't end up back there again beforehand! My bp has been great since this, so I am thinking I am in the clear for now! Praise the Lord!

Anyway, I'm having a pretty uneventful week, which has been so nice since I've been so tired!  Lots of great extra rest for me! Off to make an early dinner before we leave (J is grilling!).



  1. You still look tiny. I noticed before that you were doing a transportation theme for the nursery. I have an extra car/truck 4 piece bedding set for a crib mattress- still in the package. I found it on sale at Target before we left Hawaii, but we opted to leave the crib behind. I will send it to you if you aren't totally overwhelmed with bedding.

  2. you seriously look AMAZING. you wear pregnancy so well! I hope you're planning on having lots of babies :-) you're so close! definitely the home stretch now!

  3. Beth: Thanks SO much for the offer! I would love the set, but we honestly just have SO much bedding that I am not sure we could use it! I would feel bad taking it if you could find someone else that needed it! Hope you are enjoying NY- the kids bunk beds look great! Can't believe Jake is already in a big boy bed:)

    Lindsey: Don't tell my husband that! We wanted 4-6 kids before I got I am not so sure, though he's still gung-ho! Haha, I just didn't realize how hard it was! I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind though once I meet the little guy:)

  4. oh yes- you must change your mind- I have "room" for lots of grandbabies- keep um coming! You do look great- can't wait to see you soon.

  5. I had a feeling you might have too much which is why I asked first! I remember it being like that with Ellie. I hope you get lots of rest these next few weeks, and that Thomas doesn't make you wait too long to meet him!