Saturday, January 8, 2011

you'll never guess who's coming!!

In 3 weeks, I having my first baby shower for Thomas hosted by my sweet sister (Jen), awesome sister-in-law (Lauren) and her amazing sister (Sarah)!!  I am already getting so excited about how much fun the day is going to be and seeing my family again:)

Do you know what is going to make it even better? My BFF, Laura, is going to fly in for it!  Can I just tell you how excited I am to see her?  

Laura and I go back a long time...we met during orientation freshmen year of college (summer 2004) and have been fast friends ever since. 
Laura and I at the end of our freshmen year of college- yes, we were young and ridiculous!

 We both got involved with Crusade and were in Bible study together. Later, we got to lead one together with our friend Lindsey(on my back).

We both met our long-distance boyfriends (now husbands!) on summer projects with Crusade and took many road trips together to see them in KY and OH.

We got engaged within a couple of months of each other and both picked out extremely similar green dresses from Ann Taylor for our bridesmaids!

And, of course, we were both in each other's weddings, which took place within a couple of months of each other!

I could tell you a million more things that we have done together {countless retreats, weekends away, taking an awesome spring break trip to Hawaii to see my aunt, uncle and cousin, etc.}, but here comes the sad part....after we both got married, we both moved far away!  Laura and Matt made their home in Orlando, while James and I headed to KY.  Our families don't have the same hometowns, so we don't get to see each other at Christmas. And so I haven't seen her since our mutual friends got married in the fall of 2008!  I'm thankful for telephones and texting, but I am even more excited to SEE my dear friend face to face when I pick her up from the airport in 3 weeks! Thanks, Loa, for making the trip to come be a part of my baby shower! It means SO much to me and I love you!


ps- I am 28 weeks today!  Only 12ish more weeks until we meet little Thomas!!! I will post my picture soon:)

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  1. Yay!! Can't wait and so excited Laura can come!! - Jen