Monday, January 17, 2011

Warning: this post contains LOTS of pictures!

Ahh, the weekend.  The only way I can describe it is glorious!  J and I have been so blessed with his light schedule this past week and so we decided to take advantage of every second!  It's not often that you get 4 day weekends in dental school (or even 3 day weekends!:)  

We did so many fun and wonderful things together, but here are the highlights:

My weekend began on Friday with some delicious australian licorice (if you have never had this, get in your car and go to Fresh Market ASAP! It's SO good!) and a surprise bouquet of beautiful orange roses edged in pink and pink gerbera daisies from my wonderful husband!  I think it was an omen for the weekend.  Saturday, we drove north to IKEA (hello, I love this place) and picked up some really awesome things for the house.  I will post pictures of the new additions later this week.  I've been on an organizing spree lately, so the trip just spurred me on even more.  We were also able to eat dinner and hang out with J's mom for a little while which was really fun.  On Sunday afternoon, we headed to the Admiral Bicknell Inn for a little staycation.  We snagged a great deal on Groupon awhile ago and decided we wanted to use it before the baby comes. James and I enjoyed lounging, reading and spending some good quality time together, not to mention a delicious breakfast.  Although the B&B was very charming, we were glad we didn't pay full price and are pretty sure we would check out another one next time.  Regardless, we had a fabulous time! Now on to the pictures:

Our "Cupola Suite" was the only one located on the 3rd floor and was very charming:)

Trying to get a 29 week bump picture in there

Staircase in our room up to the cupola (there was another bed here if you had more guests, as well as another room on the 3rd floor that you could only rent along with the cupola suite that had two more beds)

view of the river from the cupola- unfortunately it was super cloudy!

With my love:)

Another home across the street that J really liked- isn't it pretty?

A creative 29 weeks (and 2 days) picture
We honestly had the best weekend and I am so thankful for the extra time I could spend with my wonderful husband.  


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