Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring is here?

This morning at our church, we had 4 baptisms.   The people getting baptized wrote out their testimonies and someone else read them to the church before they were baptized.  It was amazing to hear the stories of change and the ways that God used events and people to bring His children to Himself.  I think it's so easy for us (at least for me!)  to miss how God is working in the moment, but much easier to see in hindsight.  This morning, I honestly could not help but cry tears of joy (yes, I know that I am hormonal and pregnant, but I am pretty sure I would have cried anyway) as I heard how these 4 individuals' lives were turned around by God's grace.  

 Baptism is such a beautiful picture of how God offers life in the mist of our state of death, which made me think of all the ways that God's grace is so evident in my life.  His love is so great even though I can't do anything to earn it and I don't deserve it.

This morning gave me hope. I've been feeling a bit blah lately with the bleakness of winter.  BUT even when the trees are bare, the sun is unseen behind the overcast skies, and snow covers the freezing cold ground so no life can poke through, God is still moving
picture found here

He is planting seeds, changing lives and growing hearts.  He is giving new life even in winter. He is bringing spring...


ps- I'm 30 full weeks pregnant as of yesterday!  Picture to come soon.

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