Tuesday, January 4, 2011

.small guest room makeover.

I finally made the climb up to the top of our guest room bunk bed to change out the bedding.  After Christmas, I bought two gorgeous, white quilts from HomeGoods to replace our very dingy Target plain white comforters! Our guest bed is a double on bottom and single on top, so I had to find two that matched and I loved.  This was my original plan for the space, but we didn't get the all the bedding we registered for when we got married and decided to go with a cheaper option for the time being to save money to live on.  Thank you, family, for all the Christmas cash that allowed me to purchase these babies!

Isn't the circular pattern beautiful? It feels so much more luxurious now! Well, as luxurious as a bunk bed can feel i guess. And it looks great with the nursery stuff for little Thomas- win/win!


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