Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not so yummy yeast bread...

Yesterday I made some sweet amish yeast bread with my new Kitchenaid mixer!  I was itching to use it since I got it with Christmas money (on a SUPER sale btw) and this was the perfect opportunity.  The dough hook made the process SO much easier. I absolutely love it.  Here's a few pictures of what went down in the kitchen:

the yeast bubbling... 

adding the flour.

ready to rise! 

after rising and being kneaded twice, it was ready for the oven...

And I have no after picture. Why? Well, instead of consulting the recipe since I had made this bread many times before, I trusted my forgetful pregnant brain to remember the oven temperature and time it needed to bake. BIG mistake.  I over-baked it by an entire half hour. What was I thinking?  Instead of coming out absolutely delicious as it usually does, it was a hard, dark brown rock. FAIL.  James got home just as it was coming out of the oven.  We broke it open anyway and ate some of the softer inside and then chucked the rest.  Boo.  I guess I will be trying that one again sometime soon and this time I WILL consult the recipe!  If you want to try making the normally very easy  and delicious yeast bread, you can click here for the recipe!

Oh, and by the way, I scored some super awesome deals at Buttons, Bows and Britches Children's Consignment today!  They are having an amazing sale where all their tops/onesies (including sweaters and some jackets) are $1 or $2 depending on the brand.  HOLLAR!  I did get quite a bit of clothes for Thomas- mostly things he will be able to use when he is a year to two years old.  And I got some really nice brands (Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Baby Gap, Children's Place) for $2 or less!  Since they were so cheap, I figured I would plan ahead....I am a planner by nature, after all.


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