Friday, January 7, 2011

My kitchen project...

So, did you sleep last night or were you so anxious to see my new project that it kept you up?  Let me first share my inspiration for embarking on this ordeal and then we'll get to the photos.  I stumbled on this blog yesterday via another blog that I read.  I saw that Toni (the writer)  was doing a 21 days to get organized challenge! Hello, that sounds right up my alley.  I organize things for I started on Day 6 (organize under your sink) and I will probably try to go back and try to do the other ones too.  I bought the same shelf liner at Target that she used because it's so cute/cheap and got right to work.

I actually didn't start under the sink.  Let me explain. When we moved to Louisville, I used some of the shelf liner we had in our old apt.  I didn't cut it perfectly, so in many of the drawers and cabinets it was a mess and not even the right size.  It also collected all kinds of dust and particles because of its sticky nature.  So, when I saw the liner that Toni used, I knew I would have to do my drawers and cupboards too!  It's not only great looking (and matches our green), but it's super easy to wipe clean. Voila!  Target only had one roll left, so I couldn't finish all of our cabinets, but I got quite a few done along with all of the drawers. I plan to go back and get more when they restock it.  Ok, enough the pictures!
This time I was going to do it right by measuring. And, yes, I did get a haircut this week!

I took everything out of the drawers, removed this dirty, old liner and used a lysol wipe to thoroughly CLEAN it before adding the new!

Doesn't it look beautiful?

One of the many cupboards I lined...yuck.

SO much better!

About to tackle {the really gross} under the sink...

Eww {by the way this is already missing some of the stuff...i forgot to take a true before pic}. Look at that nasty pipe.  For whatever reason the bottom of our under the sink cabinet is uneven, scratchy plywood?  I'm pretty sure whoever thought that was a good idea never tried to wipe it clean.  Let's just say, it was a bit harder to accomplish than it looks....but i did it!

Easy to clean now and at least the nasty pipe looks less nasty!!! I keep bathroom cleaners in the bottom of the linen closet, so none of that is in here.

Another shot...
I'm pretty proud of myself {I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and not quite as agile as i once was- don't worry, i climbed carefully to reach the upper ones}.  And I'm thankful for the blog-world inspiration.  I didn't even have to waste any of the liner because I used some of the smaller pieces on upper cabinets where you couldn't tell if the print didn't match up exactly.

Doesn't this just make you want to get organized??? Ahh, yes, I think I might just tackle something else today!



  1. Come for a visit... My cabinets and I would love to have you!! - Jen

  2. Love it! I have been wanting to line my dresser drawers with a pretty fabric or wallpaper, but I just haven't done it. This is inspiring. It's the little things that make you smile, right? :)