Sunday, January 2, 2011

mr. fix-it

It's the last of day of James' vacation.  We had such a lovely time together and with all our family that it's hard to imagine jumping into another rough semester, but James has been really positive about it which is making me feel better!  I know that this semester will fly by and near the end of it we will be welcoming the third member into our little family:)  It's certainly something wonderful to look forward to! 

Anyway, James got a drill for Christmas and has already enjoyed testing it out!  My parents gave us an old chair that used to be in my grandparent's apartment many, many years ago.  The back hinges needed to be repositioned so that it was "safer" for use:)  James got right to work on it the night that we came back! He's definitely learning to be quite the handyman!

Doesn't he look so funny with his new headlamp, drill and the safety goggles? Haha, i love him! The "new" chair has already become his new favorite spot in the living room.  I am planning to look at fabric this week so I can recover the cushions since they don't match our stuff:)  

Oh, and I am going to take some pictures of our new living room set-up later today, so that I can post them.  I got a new cabinet for the tv to sit on (with Christmas money- it hides all the ugly cords and has doors that can eventually be child-locked!!!) and finally got around to taking down the battery-eating clock!  No matter how often we change the batteries, it dies in less than a few, despite it's beauty, it's heading to the trash.  Now I need to figure out something to put above the tv on the massively white wall. 


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  1. I am so glad he was able to fix it- he looks a lot like a dentist with all that equipment on...hahaha! love you- Mom