Monday, January 3, 2011

living room tour...

Welcome to our new living/dining room set-up!  I have to ask James to move the picture above the couch because it's no longer centered and a few other odds and ends still need work, but I think you will get the idea:)  I am contemplating using the ottoman for the rattan chair as a pseudo coffee table/ottoman for the couch because it basically just gets in the way elsewhere!  What do you think? Eventually, I would like to get rid of it and the chair for good, but right now I really like having the extra until we can afford a different one or move, this is what we will use!

Here's where the ottoman has been sitting while not in use. Oh, and here's the new-to-us chair...soon to be recovered!

Our new "media cabinet"- for the record putting together furniture from World Market is worse than IKEA!  We will not be buying from them again- but it is pretty and useful. 

Hiding all the cords and such on the inside (even our wireless router:) 

i moved the coffee station to the other side to make it closer to the kitchen 

A view into the living room from the dining room- I don't love the round table behind the chair, so I am going to be on the lookout for something smaller and more sleek (probably second-hand and needing a little tlc), but it works for now. I'm also keeping my eyes open for new lamps and something to put on the wall above the tv to add some color.

It's coming along and it certainly feels and looks bigger than it did!  To tell you the truth, there are very, very, very few options on how to place the furniture in this tiny living space, but we are doing our best!  I also really wish i had a warmer color on the walls, but I am not feeling the motivation to paint it since we have to paint it back when we move in a few years. 

Despite its small size, we love our little apartment and are more than glad we moved here!



  1. I like it too!! So cute. And definitely seems more spacious.
    - Jen