Saturday, January 1, 2011

the last of 2010

Happy New Year! I thought I should at least finish up posting the pictures from 2010 since we are now in 2011.  So you might not want to see anymore Carolina Christmas pictures, but I promise this is the last bunch (I think?). I just picked some highlights from an afternoon at the park in downtown Greenville and a few from time at my parent's home. Surprisingly, James and I took no pictures on Christmas morning! What?  But a lot of our family did, so we can get some copies from them.  We also didn't get any pictures of the snow- since we actually got a white Christmas in SC!  

 My two best friends
James, me (a full 6 months pregnant and in lots of layers due to the cold) and Thomas(in the belly:)- 13 weeks to go!

Such a good picture of Mama and Daddy:) 

Joey "boxing out" Jen- hahahaha

  Grandma Farnum opening the apron I sewed for her:)

A cute moment between Jen and Joey

Last night James and I spent New Year's Eve cuddled up, watching a movie with some sparkling grape juice (just for fun:) after a fun day at the park and putting together a new piece of furniture I bought with Christmas money.  We didn't watch the ball drop (since we both think it's overrated), but we did stay up until midnight!  This morning, I made cinnamon rolls and James made some coffee.   We are planning to just enjoy the day mostly around the house.  I have a lot of things I would like to get done and James it enjoying some xbox time with his new headphones (which are AMAZING because I don't have to hear the game anymore!).  Thanks mom and daddy for getting him those;)  Hope you are enjoying your day as much as we are! I will try to post my 27 week picture later today- I guess that would require getting out of my pjs!


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