Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Snowy (but not snow) Day!

James had the day off AND not because this is what it looks like outside our windows! (No, I did not go outside to take this- I took it through the window:)

He actually just got lucky that his two classes today both had group activities and neither involved his group! Yay!  I love having him home:)  This morning we slept in and then he cooked up some delicious bacon and I made homemade waffles with REAL maple syrup by the way! YUM!  

We did get a little bit of snow here yesterday (as you can see) which did not cause the dental school to close- the roads were fine after being salted! It was not nearly as much as my family in the south got!  I think they might be stuck inside for a few more days since they have no equipment to salt and plow the roads. Crazy!  For once, I'm glad to live in the north?

The plan for today wasn't too ambitious.  Mostly just relaxing, grocery shopping (can't do without creamer and toilet paper) and enjoying time together! I love days like this and I even got in a little nap:)

Here are a few more fun shots we took playing with the camera today:

No, I did not get new glasses...just stole J's in an attempt to look more intelligent :)

I am really looking forward to James' long weekend!  He has 4 days off and I think we might go to IKEA, as well as use a Groupon we've had for awhile to go here for a night:)  We're both pretty excited!

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