Monday, January 24, 2011

Good morning, blogland...

I say that as if I just got up, but I really have been awake since 6:45!  This semester, I have been getting up before J leaves for school, so that I can squeeze in a few minutes with him in the morning:) He really likes having me up and I really enjoying kissing his sweet face before he leaves!  The things I do for love!  As a result, I have been getting so much done in the mornings.  And thankfully, most days, I have time to squeeze in a little nap in the afternoon and I don't feel one bit guilty about it!  

I just finished week 30 of pregnancy on Saturday!  I know I say this all the time, but it's going so fast.  As time goes on, I am getting a bit more uncomfortable with my huge belly (which people keep telling me is small, but I think is giant).  I've been having to stretch out as much as possible and sit up very straight because I am constantly getting jabbed in the rib or hip and it's actually starting to hurt!  Our little guy is STRONG (just like his Daddy:).  He's also starting to get very long, measuring at about 16 inches, and weighing in at just above 3 lbs.! Geez. No wonder I am getting bombarded, the poor kid has nowhere else to go and it's only going to get worse!  He'll be packing on a few more inches total and about 1/2 lb. a week for the next several weeks. Ridiculous!  Apparently, most people's belly buttons have popped out by now, but mine is still holding on strong as an innie...we'll see what happens! Without further ado, the belly shot:

Yes, I have about 10 more weeks. Where is that baby going to go?  I am already having trouble bending over to get things with this enormous, hard basketball around my waist.  Honestly, I can't complain- after the 15 weeks of all day sickness, I have felt great and haven't had any complications or problems! Praise the Lord:)  Well, off to tackle week 31 and get some things done! Happy Monday.



  1. OK so this isn't Jami- it is Mom- don't know how his name got on this account but also not sure how to get it off. Anyway- my oh my you have grown in the last few weeks. I can just imagine little James Thomas "squished" in there- can't wait to meet him face to face. Can't wait to see you soon. love, Mom

  2. You are a super cute pregnant woman! :) Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

  3. can't believe Thomas is almost here! you are absolutely lovely, Becky! so happy for y'all!

  4. Thanks for all the sweet words! :)

  5. You do have quite the belly now!! Seriously, it is cute. I love you and can't wait to see you in a few days and to celebrate a bit more with you guys!!

    Love, Jen