Tuesday, December 7, 2010

our little jumping bean

Did you ever have these as kids?

Yesterday at my check-up, the doctor commented on how much our little boy was moving!  "He's a very active one," she said as was trying to record his heartbeat and it kept getting interrupted on the doppler because he was kicking and moving the WHOLE time.  I honestly don't know when this little guy rests- it seems like he is moving and kicking around all the time!  This morning it even woke me up- no more subtle movements and flutters! And the other night James really got to experience feeling a strong kick and he was pretty amazed at the punch our son is already giving.

So, I feel like I have my very own jumping bean in the womb!  My mom says that I better get my tennis shoes ready since that means I'll probably constantly be chasing him around- I guess this will help me get in shape  post-baby, right? At any rate, little James Thomas and I are both healthy and I couldn't be more thrilled!


ps- did you know that you can still buy jumping beans here? Just in case you are looking for a great stocking stuffer...hah!


  1. Can't wait to meet the little jumping bean!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Love you! - Jen

  2. Maybe James Thomas is inheriting some of Brad's martial arts moves!