Friday, December 17, 2010

.no longer waiting for a flood.

James and I spent the afternoon out and about getting some fabulous deals!  We couldn't believe how much stuff we got for so little when we came home. AWESOME.

One thing I did buy today was new pj pants in the men's department of Target. Yes, I said men's.  It's not that my current sleep pants don't fit around my waist anymore (they still have a good bit of room to stretch); however, because my waist is expanding, they have gotten too short.  To tell you the truth, pajamas always seem to be bordering on high-waters on me anyway.
photo found here- and no, those are not my hairy man legs.

Now since I've added a few more inches to cover, they just look RIDICULOUS.  Oh, and my ankles get really cold (mostly because I refuse to turn up the heat).  The problem is that women's pajamas don't come in longs. Hello, there are tall females out there! So I had to buy some in the men's section.  I did try to find the girliest ones I could, but alas, they had no polka-dots or pink.  I settled on some red plaid ones.  Truthfully, I am lounging in them right now and while they are quite comfy, they are huge on my legs and still look somewhat ridiculous.  Oh well, you can't have everything I guess- at least they cover my ankles:)


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