Thursday, December 9, 2010

i love painting furniture.

No, seriously, I might be addicted to it.  Every time I see a new piece that needs a little work, I think, "oh, that might look good in creamy white (or red or whatever color I feel like)."  It's probably because I don't have the tools or space to sand anything down and re-stain it.

Yesterday after getting home from hanging out with some friends, I started working on painting our dining room table (with low voc paint-don't worry).  I wish I had remembered to take a true before picture! If you have been to our apt. before, you might have noticed that I ALWAYS keep a table cloth on our table.  No, I am not that formal, but our table was in serious need of some tlc.  James' mom graciously gave it to us when we were getting married so we would have something to eat on:) and I never knew aesthetically speaking what I should do with it, so i just covered it up.  The top is made of some kind of wood (i think) that was glazed, VERY scratched and peeling.  Since it wasn't the kind of wood that is pretty and makes you want to re-sand and stain the table, I thought about painting it.  I wasn't really sure what it would look like, but when my mom was here, she suggested the same thing.  I knew it couldn't possibly hurt anything since we always kept it covered anyway! Did I mention it also has a leg that has been seriously gnawed on by a dog?  I like to think of it as character:)

Since I didn't take a real before picture, here's a few in the middle pictures:

If you make the picture above bigger you can sort of see the previous color of the table in the space between the sections on the end.  

And now, here is the finished product:

I love how it brightens up our dining room (especially since it's usually dark because it has no windows) and now I can choose whether or not to use a table cloth! I am sure I still will sometimes because I do like how they look, but not for everyday use! I plan today to touch up some chairs that I painted long ago so everything is nice and fresh! They have gotten a little banged up with moving and just everyday use!

Now that I finished the table, I am desperate to find slipcovers for these awesome consignment finds that I got in SC (there are 2 of them and they are SO comfortable!):
Because against my beautiful, creamy white table they now stick out like an ugly, sore thumb!


ps- if you read yesterday's post, my hubby indulged my craving and we went to 5 guys :) Love him!


  1. Great job Bekah! The table looks so much actually looks pretty cute (minus the dog-chewed areas)! Hey maybe with the paint, they're not even noticeable now. You are so talented...seriously!

  2. Girl, I love it! I know what you mean about wishing you had more space to sand, etc. But it looks great. :)