Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December!

It's December 1st and hard to believe that we are already so close to Christmas again! Wasn't it just summer?  This morning I left to babysit for the day and it was snowing! Of course, the day that I commit to get up early and out the door, it is absolutely freezing outside- and I HATE the cold:)  I did smile just a little bit because the snow was so pretty falling down on my windshield, but I don't like to let on to that since the happiness was quite momentary!  Most of the time, I do not like the snow.  Luckily, it didn't stick and after it stopped around 11am-ish, it subsequently melted.  Unfortunately, the day stayed almost as cold as it began.  Enough about the weather- it's not really that interesting anyway.

I thought it would be fitting today to post pictures of us decorating for Christmas with my parents! It is December after all!

Dad fluffing the branches... 

Hahaha, I think he's making a mustache :) 

 Amish beard


Love my daddy! 

So cute. 

putting on "our" ornament (great gift from James' mom a few years ago)

I guess we didn't take any finished pictures. I think we were all too tired from all the work! Speaking of being to relax after a long day with 2 precious little girls:)  


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