Sunday, December 12, 2010

haircuts and rainy saturdays

I spent yesterday mostly around the house due to the yucky rain outside!  After lunch, hubby asked me to give him a haircut.  I do a really short scissor cut on him because I don't like the way it looks when they buzz it so short at the barber (even when they do it "long").  Can you believe he trusts me so much? :) 

 Here's my handsome love before the cut with his long, curly hair:

And here's what I cut off (this man has a lot of hair):

And....drumroll......Mr. Handsome after the cut:
Isn't he good looking!  I love him so much!

After the haircutting, I did venture out in the rain for a little bit.  First I dropped James at Heine Bros. to study and then headed to Once Upon a Child to look at baby stuff!  Did you know they are currently having a sale where A TON of the clothes are 50% off??  This was my first time there, but I got some really good deals!  I spent only $6.00 and got a long sleeve onesie and adorable patchwork plaid button up shirt from Baby Gap and two really cute sleepers for James Thomas!  I just couldn't resist for the price! I might just have to make another stop there this week while the sale is still going on.  Then I stopped by HomeGoods (which I can normally browse for hours), but after only a few minutes left because the store was crazy crowded!  I do not like cranky Christmas shoppers and since I had no imperative reason to be there...i left!  

Anyway, today is a snowy Sunday!  I am thankful that it's not rain this time.  We went to 9:00 church this morning, so I plan to spend the rest of the day holed up in our warm apt. clipping coupons, napping and sewing:)  I am glad on days like today for a warm and comfy house to spend a cold, blustery day in:) Pray for James as he is studying hard for finals! Thankfully, Tuesday he will get two and a half much needed weeks of freedom!


Oh, and I will post my 24 week picture tomorrow!

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