Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas sweater extravaganza...

Have I mentioned that we had a lovely Christmas?  

It's tradition that every Christmas Eve my dad resurrects his famous Christmas sweater.  Usually he wears it to the Christmas Eve service and then back at the house for food, time with family and opening one present before heading to bed!   This year was a little different. We spent the morning at my Aunt Kathy's with the family for brunch and headed right to church from there.  My dad actually made it a point to bring the sweater in the car, but ended up riding in a different car so he did not get to put it on before church!  When we returned home, dad brought the sweater inside and set it on the chair in the family room.  He headed upstairs to wrap a few last minute things while the rest of us got into some mischief....

I blame it all on my mom, since it was her idea and all....and it was pretty HILARIOUS as each family member furiously put on the sweater, posed, and took it off for the next person- all the while knowing that dad could come back down at any moment! Unfortunately, Lauren had to work, so we didn't get a picture of her in it.  When my dad came down, it was sitting back where we found it waiting for him.  We told him we wanted a picture of him in it by the tree for tradition's sake and he obliged:)

Oh, and he was quite surprised and tickled when he saw the other pictures:)  Glad we have such a good sport for a dad!  I'm thinking a collage of these pictures would make a great Christmas card next year?


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