Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas parties and baking...

Last night we attended our community group Christmas party.  Before we headed out, James and I worked on some desserts to bring.  It was fun to have his help in the kitchen!
My love putting the Devil's Food cookies on the sheet:) 

 These look gross- haha- and they actually only turned out OK.  Oh well, I think that's the last time I use a cake mix for anything but cake...

Chocolate covered pretzels from Hershey bars 

Intensely concentrating on my pretzels- look how big my belly looks????  It really isn't quite this big, but the way the apron is laying makes me look huge! 


The two cooks in our aprons:)

We had a fun time fellowshipping and eating with friends and we even came home with two gems from the White Elephant (basically bring something you don't want that you have) gift exchange- a porcelain Santa cookie jar and an "as seen on tv" pasta express (where you simply pour hot water into a stand up container to cook your pasta- voila!). I think it's safe to say they will both find new homes soon- perhaps via Goodwill:) HAH! 

I have been struggling with horrible congestion the last two days and by the time we got home from the party, it was even worse-I could not breath at all out of my nose at all.  I took a hot, steamy shower, put on some vapor rub and headed to bed with our humidifier!  The worst thing about feeling gross like this is that I can't take anything I normally would to cure it!  I will be thankful when I can go back to using modern medicine in a few months:)  Since I was (and still am) feeling yucky, we decided to sleep in and go to church tonight.  So right now that's the plan.  Hopefully I will be feeling better soon!


ps-I will post my 25 week picture tonight. James and I may be going camera shopping and I want to take it with the new one if we get it today:)


  1. Hope you feel better soon!! Can't wait to see week 25's picture!
    - Jen

  2. Thanks sister! i can't wait to see YOU in 4 days! Love you!!!!