Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas #1

To say that I am a very blessed woman would certainly be an understatement.  I am sitting here relaxing on my couch with my new incredibly soft sherpa blanket (thanks Scot!) while my sweet husband washes the remaining dishes and reflecting on what a fun and memorable day we had.  Today, James' mom, his Uncle Bill, his sister, Sara, and her boyfriend, Matt, all came down to Louisville to spend the day and celebrate Christmas.  If you want just a little glimpse into our day, just imagine lots of laughter, delicious food, wonderful and generous gifts, and just all around fun!  James and I are so blessed to have amazing families that we love to get together with!  Thanks Lord!

We got some seriously great pictures of everyone and videos of Uncle Bill singing including his version of the 12 days of Christmas!  Tonight, I am just going to share a few of the pictures, but I promise to share more and also the videos when we return from vacation in SC.

We gave Uncle Bill an elf hat in his bucket of "goodies"- He was a good sport!

Of course, this made James happy!

After we opened presents, Sara and I worked on baking some cookies that we all later decorated:)

I love this pic of Mom B and Uncle Bill!

Here is the adorable ornament Mom B. gave us...oh, and a very cute stocking for James Thomas that I will show you later!

After catching up, fawning over baby items, opening presents and baking cookies, we all worked up a good appetite!  Matt arrived in time to eat and we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner:) Then Mom B and Sara offered to do the dishes so that I could rest! LOVE them!

And here's what Matt and I did while they worked!  

We have so many more wonderful pictures that I will share later...but I thought you might like to see a few to hold you over! Everyone was so generous and loving to us this Christmas and we love them so much!  



  1. So fun! I love the ornament with the icecream and pickles!!

  2. You are right - you have a wonderful family- I would have loved to be there with all that fun- and with people I just love too. Can't wait to see you here in the south. Drive safely- love you! Mom

  3. U look adorable!!! i just finished wrapping up hte Christmas books from this year (for next year) and i sighed at your cute lil Take a Mouse to the Movies book from 1st grade / Brendley ; ) missing seeing u at maxwell!!! btw, my belly looks like that NOT prego! LOL! Christmas and stress do not do good things to the ol lbs! ANYWAY!!!! Hope you had a blessed Christmas and would LOVE to send you a card IF i knew your address beyond 107 fenley! LOL!
    hope to hear from you soon via FB or teamnathaniel!