Thursday, December 16, 2010

An alternate route I don't want to try...

James and I officially registered for baby stuff at Babies R Us!  We went back and forth between here and Target, but finally decided that Target just did not have enough selection for the things we still wanted and needed.  Not to mention that all of there stuff is only available at certain stores and not online.  It was fun to look at all the baby things and pick which ones might end up in our nursery:)  Can you tell I am getting more and more excited about little Thomas by the day?  As we were leaving, Babies R Us gave us a little gift bag with coupons, a few free diapers and a small New Parent magazine.  Last night, I decided to read it and came upon a hilarious ad for FeverAll.
Eww. I guess I better get used to stuff like this....

I am still a bit up in the air about what to put above Thomas' crib, but leaning more towards the first option right now.  Thanks for all the feedback!  If you haven't given your opinion yet, I am still asking for them:)  Click here to read about what I am talking about.

Anyway, James and I slept in today and haven't even gotten out of our pj's yet!  Though there is little motivation with icy/snowy/cold weather outside.  Have I mentioned how glad I am that he is free from school?  Last night we even went for a nice dinner out to celebrate:) Ah, yes, I love vacation!


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