Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days!

Want to see a few things that I've been doing today? That is, besides fighting the ridiculous crowds out and about with James.  People are driving even crazier than normal! We were both so glad to get home this afternoon and not have to go back out.

First, I worked on wrapping a bucket of goodies for Uncle Bill. He's that person in our lives that we care about and want to get something, but have literally no idea what to get!  We settled on this bucket of things he likes that he can take back to his assisted living place and enjoy. Oh, and I wrapped them all so he would have a lot to open!  Do you see all the other presents back there? I think it's going to be a very Happy Christmas for our loved ones:) 

Then, I started sewing a baby quilt for little Thomas.  I may or may not be addicted to sewing. It's not really for his crib since it's not safe to put big blankets in there, but more for laying on the floor to play and maybe using when he's older, etc.  It turned out absolutely adorable and came together quite quickly.  I used some of the fabric from my mother-in-law that I used here and a few other prints that we picked out at Joann's.  James especially loves the sheep on soft flannel back.
mapping out the pattern- can you tell i am thinking hard?

the finished's a little lighter blue than this shows (we are still learning the best camera settings:)

Anyway, I can't believe that Christmas is almost here (hello, 5 days!) and we have some seriously fun plans coming up this week!  James' family is coming down on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas with us and I am making my first "Christmas dinner" for the 6 of us.  Actually, I am cheating because the ham is from Honeybaked, but still...we are super excited!  And Thursday, we are heading to the hopefully sunny and warmer south for about a week to celebrate with my family! Yes, I am looking forward to all the upcoming Christmas festivities!  As for how I am feeling...about the same. Here's hoping I get rid of this bug by Christmas!


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