Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 weeks and counting...

Here I am at 25 weeks :) I can't believe how big my stomach is getting- when I look in the mirror, I keep having to remind myself that I am pregnant and not just gaining significant weight in my tummy.  Thomas is around the size of an eggplant (isn't my shirt color appropriate and not even planned!) and seems to be growing like a weed.  By the end of this coming week (26), he will reach a full 2 lbs. and be 9 plus inches head to tush!  His eyelids are also opening this week:)  Oh, and did you know I am only 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester?????? Time sure is flying. We can't wait to meet our little bean in 15-ish weeks:)

By the way, James did take this pic with his/our:) new camera- we just had it on auto mode since we have lots of reading and learning to do.  I also had to compress the picture to get it to load online, so we are going to figure out the best way to do that and still get great quality:)  Even so, we are both THRILLED with the camera and can't wait to share better pictures with you in the future!

As for how I am feeling- still pretty yucky over here.  I've already had a nice steamy shower and now I plan to sniff some more warm salt water (it's as gross as it sounds, but surprisingly effective), have some hot tea and hit the sack! Lots to do tomorrow...



  1. We got the Canon Rebel T2i- We LOVE it! Now we just have to figure out how to use it:)