Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve Luminaries

Remember how I told you that I was excited about the Christmas Eve luminaries in my parent's neighborhood?  This year, besides helping to fold the bags inside, I decided to be photographer while James, Jen and Daddy put out the luminaries.  I thought I would share just a few of the photos:

I used the zoom lens and played with the aperture.  I certainly have a lot more to learn, but I like the way they turned out:) Much better than the picture from last year that is...

Today, James and I are taking it easy and enjoying the little bit of vacation he has left!  I think we may go see a movie since we were planning to go late last night and pooped out. Happy almost New Year.


ps- only one more day in the second trimester for me!!!!! Time is flying:)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas sweater extravaganza...

Have I mentioned that we had a lovely Christmas?  

It's tradition that every Christmas Eve my dad resurrects his famous Christmas sweater.  Usually he wears it to the Christmas Eve service and then back at the house for food, time with family and opening one present before heading to bed!   This year was a little different. We spent the morning at my Aunt Kathy's with the family for brunch and headed right to church from there.  My dad actually made it a point to bring the sweater in the car, but ended up riding in a different car so he did not get to put it on before church!  When we returned home, dad brought the sweater inside and set it on the chair in the family room.  He headed upstairs to wrap a few last minute things while the rest of us got into some mischief....

I blame it all on my mom, since it was her idea and all....and it was pretty HILARIOUS as each family member furiously put on the sweater, posed, and took it off for the next person- all the while knowing that dad could come back down at any moment! Unfortunately, Lauren had to work, so we didn't get a picture of her in it.  When my dad came down, it was sitting back where we found it waiting for him.  We told him we wanted a picture of him in it by the tree for tradition's sake and he obliged:)

Oh, and he was quite surprised and tickled when he saw the other pictures:)  Glad we have such a good sport for a dad!  I'm thinking a collage of these pictures would make a great Christmas card next year?


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back from vacation!

It's been a week since my last blog, but we've had the most wonderful vacation over the past week or so. Our families spoiled and took care of us so nicely.  We LOVE them so much! We finally made it back to Louisville around dinner time and got everything unpacked fairly quickly.  And can you believe it, we had enough energy to put away all the Christmas decorations and rearrange our living room! I promise to post pictures soon because I absolutely love what we did with the place!  I think you will too.  We added an extra chair (which James just finished fixing) and it still looks one hundred times bigger.  Yes, i love it.

I have some pretty funny posts coming in the near future, but how about I just leave you with a teaser picture?

Hahahahaha, you may want to click here if you don't remember seeing that lovely sweater before. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas #1

To say that I am a very blessed woman would certainly be an understatement.  I am sitting here relaxing on my couch with my new incredibly soft sherpa blanket (thanks Scot!) while my sweet husband washes the remaining dishes and reflecting on what a fun and memorable day we had.  Today, James' mom, his Uncle Bill, his sister, Sara, and her boyfriend, Matt, all came down to Louisville to spend the day and celebrate Christmas.  If you want just a little glimpse into our day, just imagine lots of laughter, delicious food, wonderful and generous gifts, and just all around fun!  James and I are so blessed to have amazing families that we love to get together with!  Thanks Lord!

We got some seriously great pictures of everyone and videos of Uncle Bill singing including his version of the 12 days of Christmas!  Tonight, I am just going to share a few of the pictures, but I promise to share more and also the videos when we return from vacation in SC.

We gave Uncle Bill an elf hat in his bucket of "goodies"- He was a good sport!

Of course, this made James happy!

After we opened presents, Sara and I worked on baking some cookies that we all later decorated:)

I love this pic of Mom B and Uncle Bill!

Here is the adorable ornament Mom B. gave us...oh, and a very cute stocking for James Thomas that I will show you later!

After catching up, fawning over baby items, opening presents and baking cookies, we all worked up a good appetite!  Matt arrived in time to eat and we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner:) Then Mom B and Sara offered to do the dishes so that I could rest! LOVE them!

And here's what Matt and I did while they worked!  

We have so many more wonderful pictures that I will share later...but I thought you might like to see a few to hold you over! Everyone was so generous and loving to us this Christmas and we love them so much!  


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

nesting in the nursery :)

bI've been spending some time lately in our nursery/guest room and am starting to get it ready for our son.  I know it's early yet, but I just can't help myself!  I want the closet to be nice and clean especially with all the new baby stuff we are bringing into our little apt. 

Here is the beginning of our changing station. These diapers are so little and adorable!

Oh, and aren't these just the cutest little "shoes" you've ever seen!  Mom and I found them for a steal at a consignment shop near our apt. and they still have the brand new tags on them!

And the last nursery's a bit better shot of the quilt from yesterday! We are almost certain that we may take down the mobile you saw here and do something else....but more to come on that later!

Well, I am off to finish getting ready for having our company tomorrow and I might work on packing for SC too.  I will leave you with a picture of my love!  He's so handsome!  It's SO nice having him around more:)


Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days!

Want to see a few things that I've been doing today? That is, besides fighting the ridiculous crowds out and about with James.  People are driving even crazier than normal! We were both so glad to get home this afternoon and not have to go back out.

First, I worked on wrapping a bucket of goodies for Uncle Bill. He's that person in our lives that we care about and want to get something, but have literally no idea what to get!  We settled on this bucket of things he likes that he can take back to his assisted living place and enjoy. Oh, and I wrapped them all so he would have a lot to open!  Do you see all the other presents back there? I think it's going to be a very Happy Christmas for our loved ones:) 

Then, I started sewing a baby quilt for little Thomas.  I may or may not be addicted to sewing. It's not really for his crib since it's not safe to put big blankets in there, but more for laying on the floor to play and maybe using when he's older, etc.  It turned out absolutely adorable and came together quite quickly.  I used some of the fabric from my mother-in-law that I used here and a few other prints that we picked out at Joann's.  James especially loves the sheep on soft flannel back.
mapping out the pattern- can you tell i am thinking hard?

the finished's a little lighter blue than this shows (we are still learning the best camera settings:)

Anyway, I can't believe that Christmas is almost here (hello, 5 days!) and we have some seriously fun plans coming up this week!  James' family is coming down on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas with us and I am making my first "Christmas dinner" for the 6 of us.  Actually, I am cheating because the ham is from Honeybaked, but still...we are super excited!  And Thursday, we are heading to the hopefully sunny and warmer south for about a week to celebrate with my family! Yes, I am looking forward to all the upcoming Christmas festivities!  As for how I am feeling...about the same. Here's hoping I get rid of this bug by Christmas!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 weeks and counting...

Here I am at 25 weeks :) I can't believe how big my stomach is getting- when I look in the mirror, I keep having to remind myself that I am pregnant and not just gaining significant weight in my tummy.  Thomas is around the size of an eggplant (isn't my shirt color appropriate and not even planned!) and seems to be growing like a weed.  By the end of this coming week (26), he will reach a full 2 lbs. and be 9 plus inches head to tush!  His eyelids are also opening this week:)  Oh, and did you know I am only 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester?????? Time sure is flying. We can't wait to meet our little bean in 15-ish weeks:)

By the way, James did take this pic with his/our:) new camera- we just had it on auto mode since we have lots of reading and learning to do.  I also had to compress the picture to get it to load online, so we are going to figure out the best way to do that and still get great quality:)  Even so, we are both THRILLED with the camera and can't wait to share better pictures with you in the future!

As for how I am feeling- still pretty yucky over here.  I've already had a nice steamy shower and now I plan to sniff some more warm salt water (it's as gross as it sounds, but surprisingly effective), have some hot tea and hit the sack! Lots to do tomorrow...


Christmas parties and baking...

Last night we attended our community group Christmas party.  Before we headed out, James and I worked on some desserts to bring.  It was fun to have his help in the kitchen!
My love putting the Devil's Food cookies on the sheet:) 

 These look gross- haha- and they actually only turned out OK.  Oh well, I think that's the last time I use a cake mix for anything but cake...

Chocolate covered pretzels from Hershey bars 

Intensely concentrating on my pretzels- look how big my belly looks????  It really isn't quite this big, but the way the apron is laying makes me look huge! 


The two cooks in our aprons:)

We had a fun time fellowshipping and eating with friends and we even came home with two gems from the White Elephant (basically bring something you don't want that you have) gift exchange- a porcelain Santa cookie jar and an "as seen on tv" pasta express (where you simply pour hot water into a stand up container to cook your pasta- voila!). I think it's safe to say they will both find new homes soon- perhaps via Goodwill:) HAH! 

I have been struggling with horrible congestion the last two days and by the time we got home from the party, it was even worse-I could not breath at all out of my nose at all.  I took a hot, steamy shower, put on some vapor rub and headed to bed with our humidifier!  The worst thing about feeling gross like this is that I can't take anything I normally would to cure it!  I will be thankful when I can go back to using modern medicine in a few months:)  Since I was (and still am) feeling yucky, we decided to sleep in and go to church tonight.  So right now that's the plan.  Hopefully I will be feeling better soon!


ps-I will post my 25 week picture tonight. James and I may be going camera shopping and I want to take it with the new one if we get it today:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm tired

and it's only 1 o'clock pm!  Here are some possible culprits:

1. James and I got up earlier than we have the past few days to get one of these from Chick-fil-a (without going to bed earlier than we have been):

I can't really complain because it was absolutely delicious and worth every lost minute of sleep. Do I sound pregnant to you?

2. This morning I thoroughly cleaned my bathtub with one of these at the suggestion of my friend Beth:
I have NEVER seen my tub so clean and inviting- so grime-free and white!  I am so very pleased with the performance of this little "magic" sponge! Thank you Beth! I also decided just to finish cleaning the entire bathroom since I was at it....

3. This little guy:
I think Thomas may be taking a great deal of energy for himself from my body!  Not that I mind too much because I am quite sure it will be worth it in the end! It's hard to believe that I am officially 25 weeks pregnant! More about that and a picture later:)


Friday, December 17, 2010

.no longer waiting for a flood.

James and I spent the afternoon out and about getting some fabulous deals!  We couldn't believe how much stuff we got for so little when we came home. AWESOME.

One thing I did buy today was new pj pants in the men's department of Target. Yes, I said men's.  It's not that my current sleep pants don't fit around my waist anymore (they still have a good bit of room to stretch); however, because my waist is expanding, they have gotten too short.  To tell you the truth, pajamas always seem to be bordering on high-waters on me anyway.
photo found here- and no, those are not my hairy man legs.

Now since I've added a few more inches to cover, they just look RIDICULOUS.  Oh, and my ankles get really cold (mostly because I refuse to turn up the heat).  The problem is that women's pajamas don't come in longs. Hello, there are tall females out there! So I had to buy some in the men's section.  I did try to find the girliest ones I could, but alas, they had no polka-dots or pink.  I settled on some red plaid ones.  Truthfully, I am lounging in them right now and while they are quite comfy, they are huge on my legs and still look somewhat ridiculous.  Oh well, you can't have everything I guess- at least they cover my ankles:)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

An alternate route I don't want to try...

James and I officially registered for baby stuff at Babies R Us!  We went back and forth between here and Target, but finally decided that Target just did not have enough selection for the things we still wanted and needed.  Not to mention that all of there stuff is only available at certain stores and not online.  It was fun to look at all the baby things and pick which ones might end up in our nursery:)  Can you tell I am getting more and more excited about little Thomas by the day?  As we were leaving, Babies R Us gave us a little gift bag with coupons, a few free diapers and a small New Parent magazine.  Last night, I decided to read it and came upon a hilarious ad for FeverAll.
Eww. I guess I better get used to stuff like this....

I am still a bit up in the air about what to put above Thomas' crib, but leaning more towards the first option right now.  Thanks for all the feedback!  If you haven't given your opinion yet, I am still asking for them:)  Click here to read about what I am talking about.

Anyway, James and I slept in today and haven't even gotten out of our pj's yet!  Though there is little motivation with icy/snowy/cold weather outside.  Have I mentioned how glad I am that he is free from school?  Last night we even went for a nice dinner out to celebrate:) Ah, yes, I love vacation!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what to do above the crib? HELP!

Ok, so I know that some of you don't usually comment on my posts, but I need some help deciding what to do on the boringly white wall above the crib in our nursery/guest room!  So I am asking for some feedback via comment, wall post, email, etc, (and though i can't promise to choose what you like best, I definitely need some opinions).   So, I have chosen to go with a vinyl decal above thomas' crib because then I don't have to worry about anything falling on him or him pulling it down when he is eventually standing!  AND I've even narrowed it down to 2 choices!  The problem is that James and I both like both options- so we need a little help from our blog friends!  

Choice One found here (obviously this would say thomas and I am pretty sure I would choose a different color, but you get the idea):
I am not sure I want to put his name above his crib because it seems like everyone does this....opinions? On the other hand, it would be super cute. This decal is about 2ft. by 2ft.

Choice Two found here (I would also choose different colors for this to match our nursery, but you get the idea):
This decal is about 3ft. by 3.5ft so it's bigger, but would still fit nicely.

Normally, I would look at the price of both ideas and choose the cheaper one, but they are so close in price that it makes almost no difference.  So, bring out the interior designer within you and let me know...which one do you like better and why?


ps- I haven't posted my 24 week belly picture because we forgot to take it...and now I am about 24 and a half weeks! So, I might post a mid-week picture or you might just have to wait until week 25. We shall see.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

baby boy clothes are SO cute!

I used to think that I could only find cute baby girl clothes.  With all the pink polkadots and ruffles, there are just so many cute little girl items.  So when we found out we were having a boy, I knew I had to be on the lookout for cute boy clothes.  I have no problem with putting my little guy in sweatsuits and onesies, but I hate how all of the sweatsuits have a sports number on them or some weird graphic!  Now, granted, some of them have really cute graphics too- you just have to look a bit harder to find them.  Anyway, I told you the other day about my success at Once Upon a Child and so I decided to make another trip there while the sale was still happening.

Do you want to see some of my spoils from the week?  Part of the cuteness of all of these clothes is that they look like tiny adult clothes.  I kept seeing things that made me think, "James would wear that."  I even found an adorable pink, striped, button-up Baby Gap shirt that looked just like something my brother-in-law would wear!  If they have a boy one day, I just might have to buy it!  All that to say, I came home with a HUGE bag of baby clothes- mostly from BabyGap and Gymboree for only $30!  I was seriously amazed!  Oh, and a lot of them still had tags on them because they had NEVER been worn!  Here are some of my favorite things (click the pictures to make them larger and see better!):

From BabyGap, so cute and only $1! 

BabyGap flannel shirt and corduroys -new with tags! 

BabyGap chinos, Gymboree shirt, sweater vest and blazer 

A close-up of the blazer (needs to be ironed because I washed it)....I have no idea where he will wear this, but for $2, I couldn't help myself!

Most of these clothes are for when James Thomas is a little bigger (12M-24M), but with a sale like this, I figured I would just stock up!  I know he will grow into them eventually!  I did get more clothes than this, but just wanted to give you some highlights. Now I need to head to Target and buy more baby hangers:)


Monday, December 13, 2010

something better than the weather...

Winter is in full bloom here (i'm using a spring analogy since i wish it were spring instead!) and unfortunately we are just in the beginning of it. It's making me cold just thinking about going outside.  Today's high was 22 degrees and the snow from this weekend just doesn't seem to want to melt quite yet.  Now that it has transitioned from pretty and charming to cold, slushy and gross, I am ready for it to be gone!  

In more cheerful news, James finishes his last final tomorrow! I am SUPER proud of all his hard work during this very tough semester!!!  Great job, hubby!  Oh, AND in 10 days we will be in South Carolina!  I seriously cannot contain my excitement!  Here's hoping the weather is warmer and sunnier than Louisville!

Here are just a few things I am looking forward to:

 No caption necessary

Daddy's famous Christmas sweater

Opening presents:)


the Christmas tree...oh and have i mentioned the presents?!? 
i might be 24, but i still get excited like i'm 5.

hanging out with my awesome older sister and bro-in-law

...and my sweet older brother and his wifey 
(and let's not forget the rest of my family- mama, daddy, grandmas, etc!)

Christmas Eve luminaries 

seeing my sweet grandma K- 
she gets a kick out of handing us our envelopes of money each year:) and we all appreciate it!

I could honestly could go on and on...reading reciting Luke 2 on Christmas morning, seeing my grandma farnum who is coming from NY:), eating delicious food, James being completely free from school and much more!  Mostly, I just can't wait to hang out with all the people I love so much!  I love all of the Christmas traditions that we have and am so thankful for such a wonderful family!

I cannot thank the Lord enough for his goodness to us with all of these blessings (plus the blessing of our baby son) and for the humble gift of Jesus!  

This sweet song comes to mind when i think about it...

You have been so good to me
You have been so good to me
I came here broken, you made me whole

You have been so good
You have been so good
You have been so good to me

You have been so good to me
You have been so good to me
I came here mourning,
You gave me joy
You have been so good
You have been so good
You have been so good to me

How can I thank you, Lord
There is just no way
How can I thank you
No way how could I to pay
For your kindness
For your tenderness
For your constant presence here with me

Definitely click the link above and hit play if you've never heard this song! It might be repetitive, but i love that about it!