Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh, etsy!

I stumbled upon some adorable prints yesterday via my friend Beth's blog (thanks beth!) and could not help how much I love them!  Since there was a sale going on in Volume 25's etsy shop and I still have a little birthday money left (now that it's almost Christmas, I figure I can finish spending it!), I just had to have some of them! Here are two that I loved.  If you jump over to Beth's blog she posted some more really adorable ones or you can visit the etsy shop and get hooked for yourself!

J and I both loved this immediately.

I got this one in red to go in the nursery!

So now I have to wait for Christmas money to do a little more shopping, but I can't help it- I love etsy!


PS. I am counting down the hours until our dr. appt. and am trying to keep myself busy until then! So excited!

1 comment:

  1. So fun! They are printed on really high-quality paper, too -- you will love them. :) Make sure to post pictures when you hang them!

    Can't wait to find out your results....