Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little creativity...

Over Thanksgiving break we were looking for something to do since the weather was SO yucky out and came up with a plan to decorate a gingerbread house!  FUN!  I hadn't done one of these since I was a kid, but now they make kits with all the stuff you need for the house- no baking required!  Talk about easy!  I guess that way you can get to the fun part of decorating faster:)  Of course we had to buy a little extra candy just in case...

Starting the frosting/gluing process- not sure what face i'm making! 

At least it's standing up! 

(sorry it's a little blurry) James' Reese man who apparently lives at the house- Matt (Sara's boyfriend) made a girl for him too!  The creativity of these boys cannot be stifled. 

Matt and James working hard on the roof 

Sara, J and I intently decorating (you can sort of see the baby bump in this one:)

Getting there...

Finished product- well sort of.  we kept adding more and more stuff to the yard until the candy was gone!  And yes, those are toothpick/candy supports because the wall decided it wanted to cave in! Haha, luckily it did NOT fall down:)

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Sara, for sending the photos so I could share them:) Now I better get going to grocery store since I am putting it off due to the rain.


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  1. Yummy! It looks great- I want to eat it or at least some of the candy off it! - Jen