Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i love packages :)

James Thomas got his first package yesterday! I went to get the mail and here is what I found:

The package is from my sweet cousin in Hawaii!  She sent me lots of baby boy clothes that her sweet Jake has already outgrown!  We were so thrilled and thankful for her generosity!  It was seriously like Christmas opening the box and such a blessing to us.  Thank you Beth!  Here are just a few of the things that came:

Aren't they super cute? We can't wait to put James Thomas in them in April :)



  1. That's so great! Definitely don't spend a lot of money on clothes & toys he'll outgrow so quickly in the first year. What a generous cousin! :)

  2. Oh, and I am so honored that I had the joy of sending him his first package!

  3. You are very welcome. I am so excited to have a baby cousin to share with! I have another one ready to send off today! It would have already been on it's way, but the post office on base was closed :(