Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm here tooo!!!!

Hello world!

Yes, this is James. And while Beck keeps the blog nice, updated, and looking girly, you may ask yourself- does James ever post on here? Yes. I do. I posted a nice entry once a long time ago. Even so, you may say, you posted once but you are not a regular contributor. No. I'm not. Dental school keeps me more than occupied so that when I have free time, I'd rather spend it with Boodle or engaging in online combat... won't go into more details there. Not only so, but my life is not that interesting and I don't have a lot to blog about that rebekah hasn't already covered.

But there is one thing I call to mind and am tickled about.... my baby son..... it feels incredible to put that in words. Little James Thomas is happy as a clam and kicking every now and then and I am excited to meet him face to face! He will be my first arrow! I always wanted to get back into archery! Hats off to my wife! Before long she'll be carrying a medicine ball's worth around her waist!

Fortune favors the brave~


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  1. How adorable...brought tears to my eyes! Love you so much!