Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little creativity...

Over Thanksgiving break we were looking for something to do since the weather was SO yucky out and came up with a plan to decorate a gingerbread house!  FUN!  I hadn't done one of these since I was a kid, but now they make kits with all the stuff you need for the house- no baking required!  Talk about easy!  I guess that way you can get to the fun part of decorating faster:)  Of course we had to buy a little extra candy just in case...

Starting the frosting/gluing process- not sure what face i'm making! 

At least it's standing up! 

(sorry it's a little blurry) James' Reese man who apparently lives at the house- Matt (Sara's boyfriend) made a girl for him too!  The creativity of these boys cannot be stifled. 

Matt and James working hard on the roof 

Sara, J and I intently decorating (you can sort of see the baby bump in this one:)

Getting there...

Finished product- well sort of.  we kept adding more and more stuff to the yard until the candy was gone!  And yes, those are toothpick/candy supports because the wall decided it wanted to cave in! Haha, luckily it did NOT fall down:)

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Sara, for sending the photos so I could share them:) Now I better get going to grocery store since I am putting it off due to the rain.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

22 weeks and rounding...

It's hard to believe that week 22 has come and gone!  We are getting ever closer to the day we will meet our sweet little boy:)
 We had a great time visiting with James' family for Thanksgiving this past week, though we didn't take almost any pictures!  Sara (James' sister) got a great video of Uncle Bill singing though that I will post soon:)  Here is the only picture we took on Thanksgiving night right before bed:

I have a million things to be thankful for this year (Jesus Christ, our little one, great family, sweet friends, God's provision constantly for us)  but my dear sweet husband is definitely one of the things I am most thankful for!   Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful...

Now off to keep enjoying my favorite time of year by going on a date with my love!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a (less than) healthy snack...

Here is James Thomas' favorite thing to eat right now:)

Why am I sure it's his favorite?  Well for one thing I crave them and whenever I eat one- James Thomas goes CRAZY jumping around in my belly.  I know you could blame it on the fact that it's basically pure sugar- but I am convinced that he loves them (at least that's what I tell myself when I want one or really anything unhealthy...)!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

happy early thanksgiving!

We had a blast with mom and dad- so glad they came to visit!  You have to love having good food and great company all weekend!  Among other things, the men worked hard on our weatherstripping to make sure that there would be no drafts/bugs coming in this winter and mom and I went shopping for some adorable things for Mr. James Thomas.  He is already the luckiest baby around!  They were so generous and sweet to us! We can't wait until they come back again!
Before the work...

Handyman pose 

My sweet mama washing dishes for us. 

Love her. 

Men working hard. 

In my Christmas apron- I am pretty sure that my belly doubled in size this weekend!  I seem to have finally popped out:) and little James Thomas is kicking all the time like crazy!

We also put up our Christmas decorations!  Pictures of that to come:)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mrs. Clean

I'm sitting here with a cup of lemon ginger tea (complete with local raw honey) so glad to have my feet up!  Today I got the sudden urge (after spending some time with my friend and her baby at the mall and doing an errand) to really CLEAN my apt.  This urge really doesn't come very often for me and so I tried to capitalize on it as much as possible.

Sure, I sweep our wood floors, clean the bathroom, keep up with the laundry, mop the kitchen/bathroom and dust almost weekly, BUT I rarely want to do more beyond that.

TODAY, however, I got down on my hands and knees and vacuumed the ENTIRE apt. floor- making sure to get all the dust and hair that accumulates around the baseboards.  I guess it's because we live in an old apt. or maybe it's just wood floors in general, but it seems that no matter how much I sweep, there is ALWAYS dust and hair somewhere that I missed and as soon as I've swept, the next day it is already dirty!    I must admit that my knees hurt now and I doubt that I will be doing this again for a long time!  BUT i love the feeling of clean.

Then I went on to dust the whole house, clean out and wipe down the fridge, thoroughly scrub the kitchen sink, and wipe down the kitchen cabinets, stove and vent hood.  I emptied the trash around the house and did some laundry.  Now I'm exhausted, but it feels so nice to have a clean home.

Oh by the way, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow!  And no I didn't do all this cleaning for them, although it is nice to be able to since the last time they came I was in the first trimester and pretty much laid miserably on the couch the entire visit!  I'm very excited to have them for the weekend and I'm glad that I only have the bathroom left to clean tomorrow before they get here:)

Sorry this post is devoid of pictures! I promise I'll have lots to post after this weekend:)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Santa,

or should I say Mom and Dad, 

I know I already gave you my Christmas list, but I am adding just one more thing.  Can I please have this for Christmas?

photo found here

Actually I won't be picky- I'll just take the giant claw-foot tub:)  One problem-I am thinking the only place in our apt. it will fit is in the middle of the living room.  Do you think Village Manor or any guests we have will mind?

Sigh, off to take a bubble bath in my tiny modest bathroom...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i love packages :)

James Thomas got his first package yesterday! I went to get the mail and here is what I found:

The package is from my sweet cousin in Hawaii!  She sent me lots of baby boy clothes that her sweet Jake has already outgrown!  We were so thrilled and thankful for her generosity!  It was seriously like Christmas opening the box and such a blessing to us.  Thank you Beth!  Here are just a few of the things that came:

Aren't they super cute? We can't wait to put James Thomas in them in April :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Isn't he the best?

Here is the surprise my husband took me to pick out to cheer me up this weekend.  I love him so much!
Even though I have been cleaning and doing laundry today, I can't help but smile every time I walk by- they are so beautiful! I hope you enjoy them as much as me. Unfortunately a picture cannot do them justice!


ps- did you like James' post from yesterday? :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm here tooo!!!!

Hello world!

Yes, this is James. And while Beck keeps the blog nice, updated, and looking girly, you may ask yourself- does James ever post on here? Yes. I do. I posted a nice entry once a long time ago. Even so, you may say, you posted once but you are not a regular contributor. No. I'm not. Dental school keeps me more than occupied so that when I have free time, I'd rather spend it with Boodle or engaging in online combat... won't go into more details there. Not only so, but my life is not that interesting and I don't have a lot to blog about that rebekah hasn't already covered.

But there is one thing I call to mind and am tickled about.... my baby son..... it feels incredible to put that in words. Little James Thomas is happy as a clam and kicking every now and then and I am excited to meet him face to face! He will be my first arrow! I always wanted to get back into archery! Hats off to my wife! Before long she'll be carrying a medicine ball's worth around her waist!

Fortune favors the brave~


Halfway(ish) to baby!

Here I am at 20 weeks- looking definitely pregnant from the side although from the front it's still a little harder to tell:) I guess I should be looking pregnant by now since our baby boy is the size of a cantaloup! 

I have been able to feel James Thomas kicking off and on which is pretty exciting!  It will be really fun when James will be able to feel it too!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Today James and I finished ALL of our Christmas shopping!  Yes, it is only mid-November, but after going out today in the crowds I am SO thankful that we are done.  The mall was already crazy! James (who admittedly is not a big shopper) was super helpful today and had some really great ideas. I was so glad to have him with me!  We still have some stocking shopping to do and we didn't buy anything for each other (though usually we do something fun together instead), but otherwise we are DONE! Yahoo! Now I get to do all the fun wrapping while listening to Christmas music.  It's hard to believe that next year we will be buying a few things for our little boy as well:)

Mom and Dad are coming to visit next weekend and I am thinking we are going to subject invite them to put up our tree with us especially since we will be gone Thanksgiving weekend!  Daddy is practically Mr. Christmas anyway, so I am thinking he won't mind:) RIght?  Besides he's the best poofer and fluffer (are these even words?) of the branches anyway and our tree has a lot of branches! Here is a Christmas pic from last year:

Our tree is literally gigantic and you can barely walk past it- but I LOVE it!  I will post pictures when we finish decorating this year (though it will probably look about the same) and I will also post my 20 week picture tomorrow. Happy Saturday!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a...

BABY! Haha Are you dying to know what we're having? So were we! You'll just have to keep reading.

Today was a truly great day!  I drank two large glasses of water (doctor's orders) and we headed to the hospital right after lunch.
We snapped a quick "before" picture in the car before heading to get the ultrasound.  After waiting with anticipation (and with a very full bladder), the tech started at our little ones toes and worked her way up the body.  It was amazing to see with so much clarity each little part that God is crafting!  It wasn't too long before we were quite sure what we were having-

Baby Bush is a BOY!  So congratulations to the 57% of you that guessed that!  We are more than thrilled to have a little guy in our family and a big brother for his (eventually) other siblings!  

And so without further ado, meet James Thomas...
I don't feel the need to post the ultrasound picture proving it's a boy, but thought you might enjoy a nice profile shot!  If you want to see the other ones, I can email them or you'll have to come see them in person!  It's a good thing the technician got a good look of the proof in the beginning because James Thomas got quite shy after that and tucked his little legs under his bottom.  He was also quite the mover, but according to the tech the most cooperative baby of the day!  She didn't have to work too hard to get pictures of everything she needed.  I hope this is an omen for the rest of our lives:)  Anyway, he weighs 10 ounces right now and measured right where he needs to be!  We couldn't be more thrilled and thankful to the Lord. 

We celebrated by buying a few boy things and going out for some delicious pizza! Thanks for all the continued prayers and love!  We can't wait to meet James Thomas in early April!

Psalm 127:3-5a- "Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them."


oh, etsy!

I stumbled upon some adorable prints yesterday via my friend Beth's blog (thanks beth!) and could not help how much I love them!  Since there was a sale going on in Volume 25's etsy shop and I still have a little birthday money left (now that it's almost Christmas, I figure I can finish spending it!), I just had to have some of them! Here are two that I loved.  If you jump over to Beth's blog she posted some more really adorable ones or you can visit the etsy shop and get hooked for yourself!

J and I both loved this immediately.

I got this one in red to go in the nursery!

So now I have to wait for Christmas money to do a little more shopping, but I can't help it- I love etsy!


PS. I am counting down the hours until our dr. appt. and am trying to keep myself busy until then! So excited!

Monday, November 8, 2010

19 weeks and 1 day picture...

Getting Bigger...

Boy or Girl?

While there are still 9 hours left to vote, I thought I would go ahead and post the results of the poll.  According to our readers (at least the 33 that voted), we will be having a boy.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow we will know if you all are correct! 

Our appt. is at 1:00pm so you can be praying for a continued safe and healthy little one!  


Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend highlights...

I have been a bit absent from blogging this week- too busy!  However, we enjoyed an awesome weekend with my brother Jami and sister-in-law Lauren!  This was their first experience in Louisville and so we spent much of the time trying to convince them that they should move here:)  I don't think we really succeeded yet (we don't give up easily!) but, how nice it would be to have family in the area. We hope they come back soon! Here are some highlight pics of the weekend.

Yes, they are already married...

Jami's face says it all...

By the way Tuesday we find out whether we are having a boy or girl!!!!! We are beyond excited.  Only one more day to put in your vote!  We will let you know what happens:)  and I will post a 19 week picture tomorrow!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, here I am 18 weeks pregnant!  I had to hold my shirt down for the picture since it wasn't tight:) I can't believe that in 8 days we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl! We couldn't be more excited! Don't forget to vote if you haven't already! So far boy is winning by quite a lot!
I feel like I am now wearing the same 5 outfits all the time because they are most comfortable and I have a very limited number of maternity clothes.  Today I am wearing my Bellaband with some regular jeans, but I hate how much I have to adjust it every time I bend over or sit down.  It gets really annoying!  I only have 1 pair of maternity jeans and one maternity skirt so far.  I think I will have to invest in a at least one or two more pants to get through.

Oh, guess what? I got some stellar deals today!  I went to Kroger and they had a lot of things on sale that I could stock up on even though we didn't need them right away.  I got almost $60 worth of groceries from only $20! Yay!  Here's a picture of what I got:
I am not going to list out everything, but you can click the picture to see it up close!  Enjoy!