Monday, October 25, 2010

Things i flushed down the toilet today (don't worry- G rated)!

Curious about the title?

We have this great little above the toilet shelf in our bathroom complete with 6 baskets to store things that I got at a garage sale for $7 last year.  Truthfully I don't like the look of these kinds of shelves (even if they are really nice), but we pretty much have to have one because we have almost zero storage in our tiny bathroom.  To date (well, before today) I have only had one thing fall off the shelf and land in the toilet bowl-a tube of mascara.  It was a small casualty that happened right after I got the shelf and it made me a lot more cautious even though the mascara was only a cheap tube.  For some reason though today I had trouble.  Can I blame it on being pregnant?  As I was getting ready to brush my teeth this morning, I carefully hurriedly put the toothpaste back on our was a little unstable and PLOP.

Ugh and gross!  Goodbye Crest Pro-health- no way I am ever putting you on my toothbrush again!  I finally had the bright idea to use a Kroger bag over my hand (the way some people pick up dog poop) so I wouldn't have to touch the toilet water. Crisis sort of averted.

I went about my day and forgot about the whole thing.  When I got home from running errands I took off my headband and went to put it the basket on the shelf.  For some reason it practically sprang back out of the basket as I was putting it in...and PLOP. Are you kidding me? Twice in one day. I guess I should start closing the top lid of the toilet.  I was much more upset about this mishap.  Toothpaste I can handle (I never pay for it anyway- thanks to CVS), but my cute black headband from Charming Charlie?  So sad.  If you've never heard of Charming Charlie, click here. You will NOT be disappointed- although we don't have one here in Louisville! As I fished it out of the bowl with another Kroger bag, I felt like I was having a funeral. Oh well, at least I can go back and get another one someday when we visit alt!

In more serious news, my Grandma Keiper has been having some health problems lately.  Nothing too serious, but we welcome your prayers for a quick recovery and no complications!  


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