Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkin carving party!

Hard at work- cleaning, drawing and carving

Jeff and Alicia

Brian and Rupa



James :)

the whole group


our pumpkins- can you guess which one is mine?

Friday night we had a bunch of friends from dental school over for caramel popcorn, hot apple cider, snacks and pumpkin carving (obviously).  It was a lot of fun and everyone's pumpkin turned out really cool! Next year I will remember to buy tea lights so we can all light them at the end.

Oh, I am officially 18 weeks pregnant!  James and i will take a picture this afternoon and I will try to post it tomorrow:)


PS- can you see why I am soooooo excited for James to get a really nice new camera after Christmas? Oh to have better pictures!

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