Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Already dreaming of Christmas...

It's true- I have already been Christmas shopping (a little) and creating and it's only mid-October!  I just can't help but get excited early especially when I have some good ideas for presents.  I worked last night on the coolest project and it turned out AWESOME!  I actually saw the item in someone's Etsy shop and knew I could recreate it:) The only problem is I can't show you it because my sister reads this blog and it's her Christmas gift.  I must admit I am so tempted to keep it for myself. I guess you will have to wait until December to see pictures!  

Oh, I tackled paper flowers today...
Cute, right?  Watch out family, there will be no bows on your Christmas presents this year-just recycled paper flowers! Obviously they won't be purple, but I had this paper lying around so I decided to try making them. If you are interested in making these- they are SUPER easy.  Check out this really cute blog.  It has all the directions you need!

Topic change: I went to the Dr. today for a regular appt. The doc said I am healthy and the baby's heartbeat was strong at 140 bmp.  It was so neat to hear it again.  She said I should be feeling the baby moving in the next few weeks:)  I also have only gained 2 lbs. since my last appt. 5 weeks ago!  Eating whatever I want has been working for me, but I am sure I will start gaining more soon.  Only 3 more weeks until we find out if it's a girl or boy! Soooo excited!


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