Sunday, October 3, 2010

14 first "bump" picture!

You'll have to forgive that I look tired in this picture....I am tired- I'm pregnant!! Haha, after J and I kept saying how we should take pictures of me sideways to log the progression of my tummy-we finally did.  This is really the first week you would even notice a small difference.  As you can see from my 14 week picture, there is a slight bump appearing and my pants are feeling tighter and tighter around my middle.  When I sit down my first instinct is to unbutton them!  I guess I might have to invest in a Bellaband in the the next week or so! Right now, my stomach constantly sticks out like I ate a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts- but that's ok, it's for a good cause!  We are going to try to take a picture each week in the same place so you (and we) can see how much I grow.  Do you think by March my stomach will be to the window?  I'm not sure:)

Off to take on week 15....


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  1. It will belots of fun to watch you grow and of course Baby Bush!!! If you do end up touching the window it may be twins!