Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Freezer Cooking

Today I made my first attempt at freezer cooking. I've been reading up on the idea from a lot of blogs over the past few months, but just didn't have the time or stamina to try it! Basically, I cooked large portions of a few favorite meals that could go in the freezer so when dinner comes I don't always have to worry about cooking something-I can just thaw and heat! Yay! Plus they are MUCH healthier and cheaper than buying pre-made frozen stuff. I started small this time- only really making 9 meals for the freezer, but I wanted to see how I liked it and if it really made life easier. Ideally, I think people only do this once a month. Another reason I didn't go too crazy- our freezer is SMALL. For whatever the reason our refrigerator is not the standard size so you can't store too much stuff in there.

So what did I make? Well, I made two batches of meatballs and sauce for spaghetti- all cooked and ready so all I have to do is heat and make pasta, at least 3 portions of Santa Fe Soup (one of J's favorites!), and 4 portions of pea soup (this is still cooking in the crock pot-it smells sooo good:). We got a Honeybaked Ham last week so I was also able to freeze one leftover portion of ham for a dinner in the next few weeks before using the meaty bone for pea soup! YUM!

So, that means that for the next few weeks I will have at least a few meals already taken care of! This is especially good for a tired, pregnant woman! After all the cooking today, I haven't gotten the stamina to clean the sink full of dishes yet, but I am sure I will soon....

There are a lot of other recipes I could tackle for freezer cooking and probably will in the future, but I had most of the ingredients for these so I thought I would start here:)

In pregnancy news:

No real horizontal growth yet. I can still button all of my pants, although I have started to notice a very small bump that I can't suck in:) Baby Bush will be the size of a peach by Saturday and I will be moving on to the 2nd trimester! Here's hoping I can stop taking anti-nausea meds and start feeling a little more energized soon!


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