Thursday, June 3, 2010

My hope is built on nothing less...

Monday was our 2 YEAR anniversary! It was hard to believe as we watched our wedding dvd that 2 whole years have gone by--and yet sometimes it seems like we have always been married-like i can't remember my life without my dear, sweet husband! It was a truly great weekend- we went out for hibachi, saw a movie of my choice:), spent Sunday paddling down a creek in a tandem kayak and swimming, went to church, grilled out, had coffee out, went for a walk and relaxed! James got me beautiful orange roses and a huge bag of fresh cherries that I had been coveting last time we were at Fresh Market! How sweet:)

The weekend, however, was not without its mishaps! On Sunday, James forgot that he had a hole in the pocket of his swim trunks, inserted his cell phone that traveled all the way down his leg and into the creek. I guess it wanted to go swimming too? We are trying the rice home remedy and slowly it seems to be gaining turns on now, will call someone, but no screen? So, back in the rice it went this last night:) At some point, I suppose we will give up hope. He's having to write down his friend's numbers to be able to call them-WHAT? It's so funny to think that before cell phones, we did this ALL the time. People had these things called address books or they remembered their friend's numbers. Weird. Hah.

Mishap #2- While we were kayaking, we decided to stop on the side of the creek and set up our camping hammock for a little while- just to enjoy the view. James swam across with the hammock and set it up and then I followed. We sat for a few minutes until suddenly the rope snapped and we crashed to the ground. James walked away with minor scratches on his back while my leg was fairly wounded and bruised. Ouch. Note to self- hammock is weaker when WET. Ooops. Afterwards, James remembered reading that somewhere, but it was too late.... At any rate, we will be returning said hammock.

And mishap #3 (hoping they only come in 3s)- just as we were about to turn off our wedding dvd on Monday, our tv screen went completely white. After trial and error, we figured out that everything works (sound, changing channels, playing a dvd), except the screen. The sad thing is that this is not an old tv- It is actually our 3rd one since we have gotten married (is the Lord trying to tell us something?)!! Our first tv was one that James had in his bedroom growing up- it was super old and you had to frequently slam the side of it because the sound would go out and that was the only way to fix it! Finally, no amount of slamming worked and we got rid of it. Graciously, my grandma was getting rid of a tv and donated it to us! We only had it for a few months before it would no longer turn too was old, but still! So we pooled some Christmas money last year and bought a cute little 19" flat screen. Perfect- and it would last us for a long time! Of course right after the one year warranty was died. Sooooo, we are tv-less for awhile. I am pretty sure it won't be #1 on our priority list to replace, so we may be tv-less for quite some time. We don't really watch it very often anyway, BUT now we can't use our wii either- boo! I guess we will be doing more reading in the coming months?

After everything started breaking and I felt like crying, James sweetly reminded me that our hope is not in earthly things. They will break and pass away, but our hope is in the Lord and He is everlasting. He was right and knew that I needed to hear that gentle encouragement. (Thanks, husband!) It made me think of that hymn- My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness....And so we will live cell phone screen-less, hammock-less (until the new one comes) and tv-less for awhile:)

In other thoughts- it's my day off and this morning I am hoping to be extra productive (once i finish sucking down my coffee)! Here's my to-do list for the morn:
  • time in the Word
  • shower
  • clean bathroom
  • sweep and mop apt./ vacuum carpets
  • laundry (i only have 1 load to do, i think)
  • change sheets (love clean sheet day!)
  • clean kitchen (esp. sink)
  • bake cookies
  • dust apt. (hate this)
  • general de-clutter and put away sweep
  • organize medicine drawer (way too messy for me!)
  • mail birthday present to brother!!
All written out that looks like a lot! Good thing I have my mama's genes! Off to work...



  1. Sounds like a perfect day of getting things accomplished! I love reading about your life- thanks for sharing! lolo, Mom

  2. It does sound like a good, busy day! I hope you got everything done. I tried to sleep today, but didn't rest too well, so hopefully the night won't be too busy at work. Counting down- after tonight, only 3 more weeks of residency!! Love you and can't wait to see you soon. Love, Jen