Monday, June 21, 2010

July, could you hurry up and come?

It's our running day-off....everyone needs one of those, right? I am hoping that it makes tomorrow's 3 miles easier. The heat here has been horrendous, so we have been sweating like crazy each night! Boo. Oh well, looking forward to spending time in SC, ATL and HI where we can jump in a pool or the OCEAN after a nice run:) Sounds great, doesn't it?

If you know anything about me, I am a planner- BIG time. I like to make lists and cross them off and plan out things way ahead of time....then I get to anticipate the event even more! For instance, we are going to the beach in July with my family! YAHOO! And the kids (even though we are all in our 20s....well, almost all, hah....and married, we are still the kids) are supposed to bring some snacks and drinks to share. What have I started piling in our guest room? You guessed it, snacks and drinks for the beach. Boy, I cannot wait to start vacation. I know J feels the same way- he is so ready to be done with his summer course (only 2 more weeks!) and i don't blame him. I have a countdown...only 8 more days of work until VACAY...its spread over 3 weeks, but STILL! I know I will miss my little girlies, but I am also so, so, so excited about all the fun we are going to have. July, could you hurry up and come?

Sorry if this post is lame, but it's what I am thinking about that's what you get! Hopefully something more exciting next time?


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  1. I want July to come too!!! The beach is going to be a blast! And, it'll be fun to have you down to the ATL. Oh yeah, and vacation- only 3 more days of work after tonight and NO MORE OVERNIGHT CALL!! Counting down! :)- Jen