Monday, June 14, 2010

I haven't posted too many deals lately-- mainly because life has been busy and although I have stayed within budget each week, i haven't found anything too crazy to post!


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Target? Seriously, they not only have fabulous people working there (at least at ours!), but they also have so much awesome stuff and awesome deals. Tonight, I walked out of Target with $27.49 worth of merchandise (mostly cleaning stuff) and do you want to know how much I paid? Guesses? NOTHING, not one cent, nada! It actually rang up that the cashier owed me $1.34 which she was totally baffled were the 3 managers that were called to help! HAH! In the end, they said that they would just call it even:) Fine with me! To top it all off, they were SO nice about it! Thanks Target!

In other news, J and I have officially started jogging. We always seem to get motivated, run for a few nights and then end up going away for the weekend or something and not starting again for 3ish weeks. It is an endless cycle, BUT this time we are determined is going to be different. So far we have run 2-2.5 miles for the last 8 nights! I am pretty proud. We were even in SC for this past weekend and faithfully ran every evening! I know that doesn't sound like a lot to those long distance runners out there, but since I have never really been a runner at all, I have to brag a little. Tonight's run was the easiest yet, despite the 90 degree temp outside. We have also been alternating between running at flatter places and running with hills. Our plan is to continue running the same distances (2- 2.5 miles) this week and up it to 3 next week....hopefully we can do it. We are also thinking about signing up for a 5K soon to keep us motivated:) Luckily, I have the best and most encouraging running partner who keeps me going:)

Well, I better jump in the shower before bed....another busy one tomorrow.


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