Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Line

Have I ever told you that our apt. complex gives out free food once a month? It's a huge benefit to living in income restricted housing....and what a blessing it is! It has allowed us to live on a very low monthly food budget so that we can save, save, save. Lately, we have been purposely (or accidentally) one of the very last couples through the "food line." You might think oh how noble! But we really aren't at all. You know how Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last"? Well we have found out that he was totally right! (and by the way, i know that i am taking his words out of context- pretty sure we aren't serving anyone by getting free food?). When you go towards the end at food line- they are ALWAYS trying to get rid of the extra food! Awesome! And so we end up coming home with more bread, meat and other things than we would if we had been at the front! Shh...don't tell all our neighbors, ok?

Did you know that most of the dinners I cooked or am cooking this week had several things from food line? It's like that every week...thanks to the invention of the freezer! In fact, it's a game to find out what we actually paid for that we are eating! With couponing, generous parents and food line, most of our meals are almost free! Want to see some proof?
  • Monday- Pork loin (free-food line!), sauteed squash and zucchini (free-dad's garden!), rice (free- Grandma gave it to mom who gave it to us!), oranges (free- mom bush!)
  • Tuesday- Ham steak (free- food line!), broccoli ($.25- couponing!), potatoes (free- couponing!), oranges (free- mom bush!)
  • Wednesday- we got lazy sooooo we got carry out tonight :)
  • Thursday- steak (free- food line!), green beans ($.25- couponing), pears (free- couponing), rolls (free- couponing)
  • Friday- spaghetti with meat sauce (altogether $.100 including wheat pasta, sauce, and 1 lb. of ground beef-couponing and food line), some veggie from freezer (probably $.25)
  • Saturday- Out with Mom Bush and Sara?
  • Sunday- Chicken on grill ($1.50), rice (free- gma), veggie ($.25), oranges :)
So, total for 5 dinners...drum roll.......$3.50! That's an average of 70 cents per meal! If that doesn't convince you to start couponing, move to Village Manor and have an awesome family....I don't know what will! Happy Wednesday!


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