Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birthday purchases

I have been thinking that i should post more pictures instead of just text....but...
1. i am not a photographer.
2. while our camera is nice, it's not top-notch
3. sometimes i am just too lazy!

Alas, you are getting a post with pictures! Get excited because i don't get inspired very often! Want to see what I spent some of my birthday money on?

our new runner and "centerpiece"

view of 1/2 of the dining room
Can you tell that I am NOT a photographer? I think it would be awesome to have the talent and tools, but i just don't:) J is so much better at it than me, but he's in class! Anyway, we pretty much always leave our table set with a table cloth and often a runner because it's a hand- me- down and so the top is pretty scratched and the leg is all chewed by a dog! Haha, you would never know it when it's hidden under here! I love the brown polkadot runner and the vase with the "decorative balls." I will probably look back one day and think- why in the world did i buy decorative balls? But until then, i think it's pretty cute.

On an unrelated note, I have a bunch of errands to do today and then I am thinking about doing some sewing tonight! James has guys night with our community group guys and so i was thinking i should get myself into a project! I haven't done too much lately- since the painting tables thing. And since I am getting rid of a big bag of clothes that i just don't wear anymore, I decided to recycle some of the material and a sweater. I have seen sweater pillows a few times, but haven't attempted one yet. I will let you know how it's hoping it will be creative and look cool. As for more pictures to come? I am not sure if i can make that commitment yet or not:)


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about posting pictures. I haven't blogged in forever because I take terrible pictures and I hate posting them on my blog... BUT I hate blogging without pictures! It's quite the conundrum. My neighbor has a great camera and is real;y skilled. She says that my new iPhone (11 days!!!) has a pretty great camera on it and she's even seen iPhone pictures win photography competitions. We will see. But I just might start saving for a nice camera!

    Also, I'm learning to sew and it's so much fun! So far I've made cloth napkins, and my next project is a pillow. I'm also working on a little curtain for the linen closet since the bottom shelf (well, the stuff on the floor under the first shelf) looks really messy & disorganized no matter how hard I try. :) If I keep it up I might ask for a sewing machine for Christmas....