Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a thankful heart

i am so thankful that God decided to have the rain clear up this afternoon. what a blessing sunshine is! i really needed it and it was great to be able to bring the girls outside this afternoon. it's still cool out for late April (high of 61 today) but James and I were able to go on a nice walk through Cherokee Park tonight:) hopefully the walk will help him be more productive studying tonight. he is halfway through finals week and we are both excited for his freshmen year to be OVER on Thursday! wow! we can't believe how fast it went. here's to the next 3 years going JUST as fast! :)

i have had a very light work week and that has also been a blessing to us. thanks Lord! james and i have been able to spend little snippets of time together so that it doesn't seem like he's studying too much:) i like weeks like that. God has been so great to us!


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