Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring cleaning day!

Some people hate spring cleaning.

Not me.

Is it weird that I enjoy it? It's not that I have that much fun doing it, it's just that the final result feels so good- like I accomplished something tangible and made our little home even better for my hubby and I. Today I conquered the guest room closet. Although it didn't seem very messy, it had become the catch-all for everything in our apt. that didn't have a home. And so this morning (after coffee and time in the Word), I spent a few hours cleaning out the closet, putting away heavy sweaters (hopefully I won't need them anymore), and getting out some summer clothes/shoes. I also worked on moving coats that we won't be using for awhile and some other odds and ends.

In other news, Jen and Joey arrive tomorrow afternoon! YAY! We can't wait to enjoy spending time with them! We have a lovely weekend ahead of us- OH and I don't have to work tomorrow! amazing.


ps- James has a stressful April ahead, so pray for him! Luckily, when he does finish, he gets a nice week off! YAY!

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  1. I love reading your blog- so glad you keep us up on all your activities. Have a ton of fun with Jen and Joey. Oh and Happy Easter!! Mom