Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't you just love polka dots?

This weekend Jen and Joey came to visit us and as always- we had a BLAST with them! We were able to spend lots of fun time outdoors, eating great food, laughing and even snatching some awesome consignment shop deals! They brought us these cute polka dot plates that were the perfect size for our muffins tonight and go seamlessly with our green bowls! Don't you just love polka dots? Thanks guys for being such awesome guests! You are welcome ANYTIME!!!

In other news, tonight while James is was studying (he has a big final tomorrow- so prayers would be much appreciated!), I went grocery shopping. This week we did not need chicken or meat and have a stockpile in our pantry/freezer of other things. We also have a TON of frozen and canned veggies but I ended up buying a few more since they were stinkin' cheap! I love pairing sales and coupons. Here's what I got:

If you can't see everything, here's the list:
  • a dozen eggs
  • Breyers Health Bar ice cream (unhealthy but OH so good!)
  • canister of Folgers coffee
  • head of lettuce
  • Deli meat
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 3 bagged potatoes-FREE (good for recipes)
  • Sun chips (garden salsa flavor- excited to try these!)- FREE
  • Lenders bagels
  • 2 steamfresh veggies- practically FREE
  • 2 6-packs of Reese Eggs (brain food for the hubby:)- 75% off
  • a gallon of milk
  • 2 things of Snuggle dryer sheets-FREE
  • Glade room spray-FREE

Would you like to guess what I spent?

If you did the math, you would find that the total BEFORE sales and coupons was $45.96 (tax not included) and AFTER $19.96!! Thus successfully staying in our $20/week budget. I am pretty proud since our Kroger does not do B1G1 and we are not privileged enough to have a Publix (guess we will have to move back south one day:)! I have not done CVS this week yet, but am planning to get some more free things tomorrow:)

I have some more fun pics to post of other things we have done recently, but will save them for another time! Guess you will have to come back:)



  1. You are amazing! Please read my recent blog on couponing and give me tips. :)

  2. Yes to Saturday! ...I think. Are you going on the women's retreat? I am, and I won't get back until 5ish. Does Sunday work if Saturday doesn't, or should we just shoot for next week?