Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know you're married to a dental student when....

instead of finding loose change in the washer (because there isn't any- hah:), you find a fake plastic tooth.

Yes, it's true- today I caught up on some housework including laundry and what did I find in the washer? One of James' practice teeth for his dentoform (not sure what that is? click here.) Weird, I know, but that is our life!

Anyway, today was housework day. After a whirlwind trip to SC this past weekend for the now Mrs. Brooke Cagle(yay!), I still hadn't gotten anything done around the house- the plight of the working. Of course today my plan was to lay around in my pjs and watch old episodes of something meaningless because I have been so tired this week, but what can I say but that I am my mother's daughter! If there is something that needs to be done, I can't help but be productive. James says I can't even sit still when NOTHING needs to be done:). So I spent almost no time in my pjs and got right to work after James left. I also had coffee with girlfriends, ate lunch with James, went grocery shopping with Shannon (where I saved 67%!!! YES!) and made chocolate chip cookies. However, I did not have to make dinner because we ate leftover taco salad from yesterday! YUM! ....and after I finish blogging, I am going to go make meatballs for tomorrow's dinner so that when i come home from work, i can just put on the pasta and heat the sauce and VOILA- dinner! Sometimes productivity feels good.

I made my dinner plan for next week today (since Thursday is grocery day!)- i like to do this so i don't go the grocery and spend extra money since we are only trying to spend $20/week on everything (including household goods and toiletries)....want to know what we'll be eating?

Monday- pork loin (in the slow cooker), mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday- hearty bean and veggie soup, muffins
Wednesday- tuna patties, rice, pears, some veggie from freezer
Thursday- spaghetti and meatballs, salad
Friday- probably OUT because Jen and Joey are visiting! YAY!

Well, back to being productive....until next time!


  1. yay! that is hysterical and a little creepy- a tooth in your washer?? ugh! really looking forward to seeing you next weekend. it looks like we are probably going to leave g'ville on friday morning bright and early because we just can't miss anymore work after this week. we'll talk soon and make plans. love you guys!

  2. Hey Beck- don't blame your over-productivity on me- I think it must have come from your dad!!! Seriously it sounds like a great Thursday- I wish coffee with Mom was part of that agenda though- maybe someday :))) Lolo, Mom