Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is no such thing as an ordinary cat.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Is that wrong to do in blog world?? It is actually a fortune I once got in my cookie. Why is it that fortune cookies almost NEVER actually have a fortune in them? Anyway, again, not what I am blogging about today. Back on track...

What to blog about?

I could tell you about the girls that i watch all day. Today i laughed pretty hard. There is never a dull moment with these gals! It was super hot today (and by super hot, i mean almost 80 and sunny) so after playing outside for awhile the girls wanted to change into shorts. Ella tried to put her shorts on "by herself" (quite possibly her favorite thing to say- BY MYSELF!), but what she didn't realize is that she forgot to take off her pants! Let's just say they didn't fit too well over the fleece sweat pants, BUT we all cracked up:) Then Callie was eating baby peas (yup, they both still love baby veggies despite that they are 2 and 5! crazy, but a great way to get in the servings) and instead of the huge bite making it to her went right down her shirt (on the inside)! Hilarious! We both just started laughing:) BUT my favorite thing said today was "I HATE sharing!" Hahahaha, i may be overdoing the talking about sharing just a bit. A little neighbor boy came over today and Callie had to begrudgingly share her things with him. After he left, she exclaimed with a large sigh, "Rebekah, I HATE sharing." My answer, "I know you do, Callie. BUT I am proud that you did the right thing anyway." What did I get back? No answer. Haha.


I could tell you about my plans for the next 4 and 1/2 days (since I have them OFF!) Tomorrow i plan on taking it easy in the morning with sleep, coffee, bible and maybe a bubble bath? Then I am watching our neighbor's little one for awhile while her mom goes to an appt. And then I need to clean and get a few groceries BECAUSE Jen and Joey are coming for a visit! YAHOO! J and I are both super excited about hanging out with them and hopefully showing them a little more of Louisville (since last time they were here it was FREEZING and our heat was broken....). So that pretty much will take the rest of the weekend! Yay! Sunday is Easter and that means that we get the opportunity to continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new life we have in Him. I am so thankful that Jesus did not just die for our sin and leave us to figure out the rest...instead He give us a new life in Him through the help of the Holy Spirit.


I could tell you that since I worked a long 10 hour day today with two little girls, I am tired and would like to go to goodnight moon.


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