Friday, March 26, 2010

so thankful that spring is on its way:)

Don't worry....

this is not from today!

Two days ago I was wearing capris and a tshirt outside....I got sweaty! Today I wore jeans, long sleeves, a fleece pullover and a jacket...when the wind blew, I was FREEZING! I wish March wasn't so finicky. It's technically spring, but today feels a little closer to late fall. I even had a little ice on my car this morning-along with 8 million droppings from the tree i parked under (time to find a new parking spot)! BUT I can't really complain because at least it's not still snowing. Here's a video of me "sledding" in mid-February. We tried to buy a sled but of course all the stores already had out all the swimwear (a little hasty i think!), so we used the top of a plastic bin. Afterwards we decided we are asking for a sled next Christmas! Haha. We also didn't have snow pants, so I am wearing 3 pair of pants + long johns. AND i was still cold! haha! Enjoy:)


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