Saturday, March 6, 2010

no time for blogging...

It seems like I never have time to blog...but actually I just haven't felt inspired lately to write about anything. Life has been pretty busy lately with work, being sick, having company:) and just keeping up with everyday things! I could update you on all the unimportant details of life but instead here are some recent things that I am loving:

1. Bewitched! I was sick about 2 weeks ago and out either sleeping or watching tv for almost a whole week with a fever, cough, stomach bug, etc. and I got addicted to this old tv show. I know that I used to like the reruns when I was younger, but seriously I love this show. Thanks to I can watch a whole bunch of episodes for free....all on my new mac:) It's almost as good as Mary Tyler Moore;)

2. The Dupont Mansion Bed and Breakfast on 4th St.- James and i spent Wednesday night on a little staycation in Louisville at this GORGEOUS bed and breakfast. This week was his spring break and I had Thursday off from work-so we took a much needed night away from home. Not only is the mansion amazingly restored, but the staff is totally awesome! Breakfast was delicious as well- especially since I didn't have to do ANY dishes! If you are looking for a night away from home in town in luxury-this is definitely the place to go!
3. CVS- I know I am one of those crazy coupon people now, but seriously I have gotten SO much free stuff from CVS in the last month! I keep thinking that somehow what I am doing is wrong, but if they let you have free stuff, well then it must be ok! We have a mini CVS now in our linen closet with several shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, razors, etc. The best part is that I haven't spent more than $5 there and have gotten all of that stuff- plus more (dryer sheets, laundry detergent, soda, crackers, candy, gum, etc.) If you want to get started- check out

4. My new mac- Seriously it has made life so much easier! I no longer have to wait for J to be done studying to check email or do what I want to do on the computer. I no longer have to turn on our old, super slow, huge HP laptop and wait FOREVER for it to boot up so I can print something. I love my new mac and especially the wireless printer we got free with it. It makes life so much more convenient:) Thanks J for being SO generous:)


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  1. RE: All: I can't see the images - sad!

    RE: 1: My hubs loves Bewitched, too... so funny! I am watching Bones right now (starting in season one) and enjoying it.

    RE: 3: Inspiring!

    RE: 4: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mac... yay for you! And I agree, the wireless printer is fabulous. :)