Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is no such thing as an ordinary cat.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Is that wrong to do in blog world?? It is actually a fortune I once got in my cookie. Why is it that fortune cookies almost NEVER actually have a fortune in them? Anyway, again, not what I am blogging about today. Back on track...

What to blog about?

I could tell you about the girls that i watch all day. Today i laughed pretty hard. There is never a dull moment with these gals! It was super hot today (and by super hot, i mean almost 80 and sunny) so after playing outside for awhile the girls wanted to change into shorts. Ella tried to put her shorts on "by herself" (quite possibly her favorite thing to say- BY MYSELF!), but what she didn't realize is that she forgot to take off her pants! Let's just say they didn't fit too well over the fleece sweat pants, BUT we all cracked up:) Then Callie was eating baby peas (yup, they both still love baby veggies despite that they are 2 and 5! crazy, but a great way to get in the servings) and instead of the huge bite making it to her went right down her shirt (on the inside)! Hilarious! We both just started laughing:) BUT my favorite thing said today was "I HATE sharing!" Hahahaha, i may be overdoing the talking about sharing just a bit. A little neighbor boy came over today and Callie had to begrudgingly share her things with him. After he left, she exclaimed with a large sigh, "Rebekah, I HATE sharing." My answer, "I know you do, Callie. BUT I am proud that you did the right thing anyway." What did I get back? No answer. Haha.


I could tell you about my plans for the next 4 and 1/2 days (since I have them OFF!) Tomorrow i plan on taking it easy in the morning with sleep, coffee, bible and maybe a bubble bath? Then I am watching our neighbor's little one for awhile while her mom goes to an appt. And then I need to clean and get a few groceries BECAUSE Jen and Joey are coming for a visit! YAHOO! J and I are both super excited about hanging out with them and hopefully showing them a little more of Louisville (since last time they were here it was FREEZING and our heat was broken....). So that pretty much will take the rest of the weekend! Yay! Sunday is Easter and that means that we get the opportunity to continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new life we have in Him. I am so thankful that Jesus did not just die for our sin and leave us to figure out the rest...instead He give us a new life in Him through the help of the Holy Spirit.


I could tell you that since I worked a long 10 hour day today with two little girls, I am tired and would like to go to goodnight moon.


Friday, March 26, 2010

so thankful that spring is on its way:)

Don't worry....

this is not from today!

Two days ago I was wearing capris and a tshirt outside....I got sweaty! Today I wore jeans, long sleeves, a fleece pullover and a jacket...when the wind blew, I was FREEZING! I wish March wasn't so finicky. It's technically spring, but today feels a little closer to late fall. I even had a little ice on my car this morning-along with 8 million droppings from the tree i parked under (time to find a new parking spot)! BUT I can't really complain because at least it's not still snowing. Here's a video of me "sledding" in mid-February. We tried to buy a sled but of course all the stores already had out all the swimwear (a little hasty i think!), so we used the top of a plastic bin. Afterwards we decided we are asking for a sled next Christmas! Haha. We also didn't have snow pants, so I am wearing 3 pair of pants + long johns. AND i was still cold! haha! Enjoy:)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know you're married to a dental student when....

instead of finding loose change in the washer (because there isn't any- hah:), you find a fake plastic tooth.

Yes, it's true- today I caught up on some housework including laundry and what did I find in the washer? One of James' practice teeth for his dentoform (not sure what that is? click here.) Weird, I know, but that is our life!

Anyway, today was housework day. After a whirlwind trip to SC this past weekend for the now Mrs. Brooke Cagle(yay!), I still hadn't gotten anything done around the house- the plight of the working. Of course today my plan was to lay around in my pjs and watch old episodes of something meaningless because I have been so tired this week, but what can I say but that I am my mother's daughter! If there is something that needs to be done, I can't help but be productive. James says I can't even sit still when NOTHING needs to be done:). So I spent almost no time in my pjs and got right to work after James left. I also had coffee with girlfriends, ate lunch with James, went grocery shopping with Shannon (where I saved 67%!!! YES!) and made chocolate chip cookies. However, I did not have to make dinner because we ate leftover taco salad from yesterday! YUM! ....and after I finish blogging, I am going to go make meatballs for tomorrow's dinner so that when i come home from work, i can just put on the pasta and heat the sauce and VOILA- dinner! Sometimes productivity feels good.

I made my dinner plan for next week today (since Thursday is grocery day!)- i like to do this so i don't go the grocery and spend extra money since we are only trying to spend $20/week on everything (including household goods and toiletries)....want to know what we'll be eating?

Monday- pork loin (in the slow cooker), mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday- hearty bean and veggie soup, muffins
Wednesday- tuna patties, rice, pears, some veggie from freezer
Thursday- spaghetti and meatballs, salad
Friday- probably OUT because Jen and Joey are visiting! YAY!

Well, back to being productive....until next time!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

no time for blogging...

It seems like I never have time to blog...but actually I just haven't felt inspired lately to write about anything. Life has been pretty busy lately with work, being sick, having company:) and just keeping up with everyday things! I could update you on all the unimportant details of life but instead here are some recent things that I am loving:

1. Bewitched! I was sick about 2 weeks ago and out either sleeping or watching tv for almost a whole week with a fever, cough, stomach bug, etc. and I got addicted to this old tv show. I know that I used to like the reruns when I was younger, but seriously I love this show. Thanks to I can watch a whole bunch of episodes for free....all on my new mac:) It's almost as good as Mary Tyler Moore;)

2. The Dupont Mansion Bed and Breakfast on 4th St.- James and i spent Wednesday night on a little staycation in Louisville at this GORGEOUS bed and breakfast. This week was his spring break and I had Thursday off from work-so we took a much needed night away from home. Not only is the mansion amazingly restored, but the staff is totally awesome! Breakfast was delicious as well- especially since I didn't have to do ANY dishes! If you are looking for a night away from home in town in luxury-this is definitely the place to go!
3. CVS- I know I am one of those crazy coupon people now, but seriously I have gotten SO much free stuff from CVS in the last month! I keep thinking that somehow what I am doing is wrong, but if they let you have free stuff, well then it must be ok! We have a mini CVS now in our linen closet with several shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, razors, etc. The best part is that I haven't spent more than $5 there and have gotten all of that stuff- plus more (dryer sheets, laundry detergent, soda, crackers, candy, gum, etc.) If you want to get started- check out

4. My new mac- Seriously it has made life so much easier! I no longer have to wait for J to be done studying to check email or do what I want to do on the computer. I no longer have to turn on our old, super slow, huge HP laptop and wait FOREVER for it to boot up so I can print something. I love my new mac and especially the wireless printer we got free with it. It makes life so much more convenient:) Thanks J for being SO generous:)